New NFA Trust Rules Go Into Effect July 13, 2016

| January 25, 2016 | 2 Comments

The ATF published 41F on January 15th. This means that the new rules for NFA Trusts will go into effect on July 13th.

Any application submitted before July 13 will be processed under the old rules. I helped several people submit Form 1s recently, and I am sure the ATF is swamped with applications. I bet this only gets worse as we near the 41f change deadline.

Things I am unsure about :

  • Does an application immediately go into “processing” once it is received? If not, would this mean that there will be applications submitted before the deadline that may be processed under the new 41f rules?
  • 41f requires all responsible parties to get fingerprinted and submit a photograph on applications UNLESS they have been approved within the last two years AND nothing on the trust has changed. Does this apply to trusts that had applications approved BEFORE 41f? Meaning, if I had a Form 1 approved a year ago, would I have to submit fingerprints and photos in September of this year?
  • Is the two year fingerprints and photos exemption good from the earliest approval, or is from the most recent approval? Meaning, if I have an approved Form 1 every 12 months, will I have to ever submit photos and fingerprints again?
  • Will scanned fingerprint cards and photos be accepted via eForms? I am guessing “no,” which puts us back in the paper approval queue. However, once you’re approved you are good on photos and fingerprints for two years.

As I am fond of writing: if a gun law made sense, it wouldn’t be a gun law.

We’ll see how the 41f shenanigans play out.

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2 Comments on "New NFA Trust Rules Go Into Effect July 13, 2016"

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  1. J.C. says:

    In response to your second point/question about the 24 months, I found this website,, and in it, this lawyer says that the first submission after the rules go into effect in July will require pics and fingerprints. He discusses it in the section after the bold ‘Will trusts also be subject to the fingerprinting and photograph requirements?’ question.

    Just wanted to share what I’d found.

    Though I am still wondering about your third point as well. Probably easier on my wallet to occasionally just have to do the pics/fingerprints versus adding something new to the collection every 23 months.

    • Cymond says:

      In my case, I have several firearms I would like to SBR, so it would be easy to file a Form 1 every 23 months. Total cost for me would be around $300 every 23 months.

      It would also be a great excuse for ‘Mrs Cymond’ to expand the collection. “But honey, we have to do all that extra work if I don’t buy something soon.”

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