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For consistency, cross-training, and cost reasons She-Shepherd and I have a lot of the same gear. For example, we run the same sized chest rig, the same medic pouches, the same dump pouches, the same range bags, etc.

We’ve tried little tricks to keep them separated. Her chest rig has different morale patches, and her range bag has a Gadsden flag pinback button I made in our basement. Our medic pouches have our different blood types on them.

These are all good approaches, but having our names in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS seems like the easiest way to keep things sorted — especially if we have to grab our chest rigs in a hurry.

I asked my primary firearms instructor if he could recommend a place to get name tapes from.

He immediately said “1800nametape.com” as if it was one word. Hands down, no question, that was the place to get them from.

Me being me, I didn’t want to turn down an opportunity to do a head to head comparison or do some price shopping. After spending some time searching the Internet, militarynames.com also had a good reputation.

I decided to order three name tapes from each company to compare them against each other, evaluate each company’s consistency, and order fulfillment / customer service.

The good news is that both companies shipped me quality products at a good price with a very quick turnaround time. I can fully recommend either company, with a slight nod to Military Names for their font quality and turnaround time, and to 1800nametape for price / value.


Militarynames.com on top, 1800nametape.com on the bottom.

Both companies shipped my orders very quickly. After opening both packages I realized I didn’t buy the same thing. I bought real, military-style name tapes from Military Names. These name tapes are meant to be folded on either end and then sewn onto garments or equipment. This is exactly what I ordered, but not what I wanted. I was looking for velcro-backed name tapes. Military Names offers these, I just ordered the wrong thing.


Let’s start with the “champion.” 1800nametape.com sent me good quality, hook and loop (Velcro) backed name tapes in a short period of time for a good price.

I ordered nine name tapes from 1800nametape.com on February 24, 2014 via their Web site.

The total cost for nine custom, hook and loop backed name tags was $35USD including shipping. That’s $3.89 each.

My order arrived on Monday, March 03, 2014 via USPS. That’s six business days from order to delivery. Very nice.

I had to look pretty hard to find quality issues with their name tapes.


The stitching wasn’t 100% uniform, as evidenced by the corner of this name tape. There’s a slight rise at the end of the name tape, but this doesn’t effect performance and isn’t really noticeable unless you bought these tapes to write a review 😉

The font (style of letters) they used was also inferior to Military Names. As you can see in the picture above, the “R” is not at the same horizontal plane as the “D”. The leg length of each letter is slightly different from every other letter. It’s not super obvious unless you look closely or compare the 1800nametape product directly to the Military Names version:



See how much shorter the left leg of the “M” is compared to the rest?

Here’s the Military Names version:



Still not 100% horizontal, but much closer.

Military Names

I ordered nine name tapes from militarynames.com on February 24, 2014 via their Web site.

The total cost for nine custom name tapes without hook and loop (my mistake) was $28.75US shipped. That’s $3.19 per tape, but it’s not a fair comparison because I didn’t buy the hook and loop backed ones. If I bought the right ones, the total cost would have been $46.75 delivered, or $5.19 per tape. That’s $1.30 per tape more than 1800nametape.com . If you are buying a bunch of name tapes for a group or whatever then the price difference will become more important to you.

Military Names notified me by email on February 26, 2014 that my order had shipped. It arrived on Friday, February 28, 2014. That’s super freaky fast, especially given that I think the letters are embroidered better than 1800nametape.com

I have nothing critical to say of the name tapes. Yes, if you look hard enough you’ll see some stitches out of place, but it’s still better than the ones I got from 1800nametape.com

In addition, they complied with my usual weird request to draw a unicorn fighting a giant squid on my invoice.

That’s right. They turned my order around in two days and still had time to make a goddamn doodle. That’s speed and customer service.


This is one of the best drawings I’ve ever gotten on an invoice.



Both manufacturers were very consistent from tape to tape. This was both good and bad. The base quality from both companies was good. The weird font issues on 1800nametape.com was present on every tape, so it wasn’t a one-time hiccup. If you have a design background or have some OCD tendencies this might be more important to you than to me. Just putting it out there.


Most people are going to be happy with either place. Since there isn’t a clear winner overall I am going to break this down by attribute.

Price: 1800nametape.com is the winner here at $3.89 delivered to me per name tape.

Speed: militarynames.com is the winner here, with a two day turnaround plus a bonus for drawing a bad ass doodle on my invoice.

Quality: I think militarynames.com wins here based on the font they used as well as a slight penalty to 1800nametape.com for the stitch rise on the bottom of each tape.

So, if cost is the most important aspect to you, go with 1800nametape.com. If you need your order a little bit faster and/or want it to look a little bit better, go with militarynames.com.

I look forward to putting these name tapes on all of our stuff and attaching more hook and loop to our crap so I can use up the 18 name tapes I bought. 😉



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  1. Owen Williams says:

    Very good review. I have also found the need for hook and loop tapes. I can 100% agree to this review. I had to purchase around 30 tapes for my Company. 1800 name tapes gave a great price! The turnaround time wasn’t as quick as military names, however I can attest to the minor discrepancy in the border stitch. Not really an issue as you can’t really tell on my tapes. I did not however have an issue with block lettering. My thirty came out very symmetrical. Which leads me to believe it may be the particular lettering(?) Both companies offer a wide selection of customisation and I fully endorse both. If you need name tapes or similar patches this review is spot on as far as quality-price though as with any comparison I think small differences will be present on a customer to customer basis.

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