Thoughts on the Atlantic Firearms AA89 MP5 clone

| March 3, 2014 | 3 Comments

The fine folk over at Military Arms Channel wrote about the AA89 pistols offered by Atlantic Firearms. There are two “pistol” clones of the H&K MP5 submachine gun. One is the shortest variant and my personal favorite, the MP5K. afmp5pistol

Apparently the K version is 13.5″ long. That’s an inch shorter than the Glock SBR KPOS enclosure we have, which fits easily into any number of bags and packs. For reference, my SBR AK is 17.5″ folded.

The pistol comes with a full auto bolt, so if you are lucky enough to own an MP5 full auto sear you can drop it inside the 89K.

This picture is what makes me intrigued, though :



For an additional $95 Atlantic sells a folding stock. It folds onto the right side of the 89K. I wouldn’t bash someone in the face with it, but I presume it would allow the type of rapid recoil management and faster semi-auto rate of fire that I get from the KPOS (when it works).

Of course , NFA rules apply.


So, now for the bad part : full auto MP5K apparently have a market value of $30,000+. Semi auto official H&K MP5K carbines have a market value of about $6000.

When I read those prices I thought, “Atlantic can overcharge for this and still make a killing.”

Sure enough, the 89K retails for $1899USD. It’s on “sale” for $1799 before shipping and transfer.

So, $1899 + 99 for stock + 200 for an NFA stamp and you’re looking at $2199 before spare mags or a sling. There is no way to mount an optic on the 89K, so you’re going to have to pay extra to figure that out and then the price of the optic itself.

I really wish the KPOS worked out, as it was $1200 including stamp and Glock.

The MP5K was one of the first firearms I really wanted when I was younger. While the 89K makes that dream a little more accessible, at the $2k+ price point I will continue to push the boundaries of super small rifle caliber firearms.

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3 Comments on "Thoughts on the Atlantic Firearms AA89 MP5 clone"

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  1. Josh says:

    FWIW, you CAN mount an optic on these. However, the mounts are special and cost over $150.
    There are cheaper alternatives, but good luck trying to sort out what is actually a viable mount from the cheap crap made for airsoft.

  2. Evan Little says:

    It looks like the receiver on the AA89 has the claw mounting points like the real deal H&K to mount something like this: or this

  3. sol says:

    The B&T picatinny rail can be mounted and can be had for a bit over $100,so any pic raill red dot could be mounted. If you can spend the $2k, what’s another few hundred?

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