Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Adhesive Sheets Tape Review

| December 29, 2014 | 1 Comments

I like arts and crafts as much as the next person. Especially when it involves solving a gear problem.

I had a problem keeping my spare magazine in one place inside of my Adidas Rydell EDC bag. I kept it inside of a long, deep pocket and the mag would slide around. Fishing it out during a partner shooting drill took more time than I was willing to spend.

One of you suggested sewing a magazine carrier inside of the bag. It was a great idea, but when I started looking at the heavy duty construction of my Adidas Rydell bag plus the material of my mag carrier I didn’t want to try to sew them together.

The She-Shepherd suggested Aleene’s Fabric Fusion sheets. I’d used their glue in the past to permanently affix patches to my motorcycle jacket.

The sheets measure 4.25″ x 5″ (10.8cm x 12.7cm) and you get a pack of five. You can buy them on Amazon Prime for about $7 delivered, but I am also sure you can get them locally at places like Joanne Fabrics or Michael’s.

The adhesive is on both sides. One side is much less sticky than the other. I recommend you use that side on your mag carrier.

The other side is really, really sticky but is also a pain in the ass to expose. You may need to bend the paper backing and then try to rub it apart between your fingers.

aleene fabric adhesive review-0

I mounted a knockoff of the Blue Force 10-Speed double cell magazine carrier in my Rydell. The 10-Speed is slick on one side and has MOLLE webbing on the other. I stuck the smooth side to the inside of my bag.

I put a magazine inside of each cell and then clamped everything down the best I could. I let the adhesive cure overnight but there is no indication that you have to wait.

aleene fabric adhesive review-1

The next morning I practiced drawing the spare magazines over and over again. I was surprised that the adhesive held as well as it did. Yes, sewing it would be even better, but going through the Rydell’s sturdy fabric, padded back, inner lining, into the 10-Speed over and over again seemed like a massive pain in the ass.

I think the Aleene’s Fabric Sheet is a great solution for magazine pouches mounted on the inside of a bag. I don’t know if I would trust it on something that got bumped into a lot or pulled against frequently, but for its intended purpose it’s an easy to use, affordable method.

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  1. jianhelan says:

    If you have glueing to do with any flexible nylon material and non-porous plastic and want to try something different, check out HH-66. It’s like super SUPER glue. I use it in my business a lot. A pint can will go for around $25 and you can find in at industrial tent and tarp supply or harbor master type stores.

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