Recharge the SJ4000 Camera Battery with the Anker Universal Charger

| August 27, 2014 | 2 Comments

We own two SJ4000 action cameras, which are the same size as the popular GoPro Hero 3 cameras and share a lot of the same GoPro mounts you may already own.

The good thing about the SJ4000 camera is that it’s very inexpensive compared to GoPro cameras (about $90 on Amazon Prime as of this writing) and offers technology halfway in between the GoPro 2 and the GoPro 3.

The downside is that there aren’t a lot of aftermarket accessories for the SJ4000, especially when I bought mine. Back then, you had to order them from Singapore, and it took about 6 weeks for them to arrive. Now you can buy them through my Amazon Affiliate store and you can get them 2 business days later via Prime.

At first I charged the batteries from inside the cameras. This is an obvious efficiency problem, as you can’t use the camera at the same time you are charging the battery. I looked around for an external charger for the SJ4000, but no one made one (at the time). Even now, you have to get them from eBay or the awesome FoxOffer Web site, but still wait for a month and a half or more.

I bought the Anker Universal Charger for $10 via Amazon Prime. I was able to use it to fully charge my SJ4000 action cam batteries.

I can also charge my old GoPro 2 batteries and the battery for my Sony RX100 Mark 3, which I use to make videos and take pictures for this blog. You can use it to charge just about any battery that’s flat enough so the terminals fit.

How it works


The Anker Universal Charger has two prongs on it, with an additional prong on either side to support the prongs.

There is a plastic “drawer” is spring loaded and holds your battery in place.

Some batteries, like the SJ4000 or the Go Pro 3 battery, are too short. In that case, pull the drawer down and gently release the drawer so that the top “lip” presses against the bottom of the battery. It’ll hold it in place, and will charge the battery in about an hour and a half to two hours.

The Anker Universal Charger is rated at 4.2V and charges 600 mAh per hour.

For $10 it’s a good deal, even if you don’t have an SJ4000 action camera. Yet.

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2 Comments on "Recharge the SJ4000 Camera Battery with the Anker Universal Charger"

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  1. Kyliewyotie says:

    I love that we get a wonderful mish mash of topics from you.

    I love the geekery, guns, and training.
    Also I had not tried those cams before, it would make multiple POV sets up much more realistic price wise.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Thanks! The SJ4000 article is one of our most popular posts, so I figured I should tell people how to charge the damn batteries. 😀

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