Announcing Instructor Feedback, a Free Way to Survey Students of Personal Safety Classes

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Personal safety instructors can get basic, standardized surveys from our new project Instructor Feedback for free. Read more if you want to know more.

Part of my day job is accumulating user data, looking at it, and making decisions.

As we’ve taken more courses from more and more instructors, it occurred to us that very few of them gathered feedback from their students in a meaningful, measurable way.

Some instructors hold a “post-mortem” (the more PC term is “retrospective”), where students are encouraged to give feedback in front of everyone at the end of class.

As a product manager and a student, this isn’t the best mechanism for three reasons:

  1. not everyone is an on-the-spot thinker
  2. as with any focus group activity, influential voices can set the tone for everyone else’s feedback. It takes a strong personality to voice a criticism; doing so after a few people have expressed a different opinion is infinitesimally rare
  3. the feedback isn’t stored, nor is it measured against other cohorts (classes), or over time. Since the feedback is anecdotal / emotional, it is hard for the instructor to compare responses from student to student, class to class, or year over year

We started hosting personal safety events in February of 2016. In October 2016 we developed a standardized set of questions to get student feedback, and we’ve surveyed every student body for every class we hosted since Cecil Burch first came to town in September of 2016.

We decided to open up the tool to any personal safety instructor this month. You can find out more about it at The basic questionnaire is free, and instructors are sent results after 14 days.

Here’s how it works

  • instructors sign up for a free account
  • instructors tell us:
    • class name
    • number of days in the class
    • class start and end dates
    • if they want to require a student to enter their email address before responding
  • we create a basic survey with questions based on other popular customer satisfaction surveys. We also ask about pre-class communication, host facilities, and other factors the instructor may want to measure
  • the survey is only accessible via a custom link that the instructor sends to their students
  • after 14 days we stop the survey, summarize the results, and email the summary to the instructor

Give it a try

I know some of you run your own personal safety businesses, and I wanted you to know that Instructor Feedback is available. Click here to sign up.

We’ll send you a few surveys about the service from time to time, but hope you make use of the surveys to improve your classes and make more data driven decisions about what you do.

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