Announcing Landing the Plane with Mike Anderson, 26 March 2017 Minneapolis, MN

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We are excited to announce a special edition of the excellent Landing the Plane class (review 1, review 2) with coach Mike Anderson of Shoot the Gun. This class has an additional OC spray component.

ASP has provided some demo versions of their OC spray line, and they will be given to attendees on a first come, first served limited basis.

This class will greatly increase your pre- and post-encounter skills. If you have attended force on force training with us, you understand how important these skills are. Understanding the behaviors of violent criminal actors and knowing how to address them are critical safety skills that are under-trained in today’s tool-focused ecosystem.

If you want to get better at (or get ready for) force on force classes with QSI Training, Shivworks, or Suarez International this class is for you.

If you want to help your friends and family understand the warning signs of a violent encounter, and learn what to do, this class is for you. Er, them.

Space is limited, sign up today.

$200, 26 March 2017, Minneapolis, MN

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