ATF Ruling on 41P Gun Trust Changes Delayed Until May 2015

| November 4, 2014 | 5 Comments

The ATF expressed interest in changing how NFA Trusts work late in 2013. The worst of the changes was the required fingerprinting of each trustee, photos of each trustee, followed by a LEO sign-off and background check.

The ATF asked for comments, and the firearms community responded en masse. According to a post by the American Suppressor Association, the response was so overwhelming the ATF had to keep pushing back their deadline. First it was the end of 2013, then June 2014, then possibly the start of 2015.

According to ASA, the ATF now claims there won’t be any changes until May 2015.

With Form 1 eFile processing taking between 3 weeks and 32 days, there is still plenty of time to create an SBR, or get on the Form 4 train for an existing NFA item.

What is your next NFA item?

Thanks to JC for the tip on this story.

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5 Comments on "ATF Ruling on 41P Gun Trust Changes Delayed Until May 2015"

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  1. travis.l.pike says:

    I’m wanting a short barreled shotgun so bad, my LGS has an order of 14 inch barrel 500s and 590s that are police trade ins he’s cutting me deal on.

  2. Charles says:

    I’m in the process of filing my first ever trust-based Form to assemble an M79.

  3. Rick says:

    The ATF doesn’t want anything to do with this, anymore than we do. They are pushing this back repeatedly hoping for it to just go away in the end. After May you will see another delay. With the results of the midterm elections expect this to die quietly.

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