Basic Rifle Passthrough Drill with an MPA 930SST SBR

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As I wrote earlier this week, I completed a QSI rifle class with my MasterPiece Arms MPA 930SST short barreled rifle (SBR). One of the final drills of the day is the “passthrough,” wherein students try to combine everything they’ve learned while engaging targets at multiple distances.

The Drill

This particular passthrough focused on using the following skills and techniques:

  • Proper trigger discipline and trigger control
  • Movement especially safe movement around non-combatants
  • The use of cover / concealment
  • Reloading while moving
  • Clearing malfunctions while moving
  • Verbalizations, if warranted
  • Post-shooting procedure such as checking for additional threats or personal injury


The 930SST does pretty well at 70 yards and less. I felt like I could stretch it out a little bit further if the range allowed, and if my mental game was on point. As I wrote in my overview, the 930SST required a lot more attention and discipline than the other “rifles” I’ve shot in this class.

That being said, recoil management is a breeze thanks to the stock.

The holographic sight from Primary Arms was critical to making shots from odd angles, especially from behind cover. The iron sights are very bare bones. There is no cowitnessing due to how low the irons sit. If you’re a BUIS kind of person you might want to get some flip up sights usually found on AR15s. If my optic went down, I’d point shoot via the optic’s window.

MPA 930SST SBR shooting prone

As always, I want to improve my accuracy. We need to be accountable for every round we fire, and finding the right balance of speed and control is an ongoing battle. The more I train the more I realize there’s a lot more to accuracy than sight picture and trigger control. I believe the mental game and physical fitness play larger roles than most people give credit, and I am going to seek further training on improving both.

There weren’t any problems on this run, but after this I had some feeding problems with the 930. I wrote about this in the summary and won’t go over it again here, but I have some reliability issues to resolve with my magazines.


There has been talk in my peer group about taking some rifle classes later this year or next with some “big name” instructors who primarily teach AR15 specific techniques. I hope to train up with the MAC10 MPA930SST enough to field it at one of these marquee events.

As with any pistol caliber weapon, the MPA 930SST isn’t my first choice in a bag-carried shoulder fired weapon. However, it is rapidly becoming my poster child of showing people that with initiative, effort, and discipline we can add a powerful force multiplier to our daily lives.

Also, I really really want a DMG.

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