Best and Worst Reviewed Products of 2014

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2014 was our first full year of operation. I reviewed a few things in 2013, but we did 64 reviews this year.

Here are the two things I liked the most, and the two I liked the least.

The best item of 2014: Generation Law Tactical folding adapter


I think the Law adapter should be on every AR pistol and every AR SBR. The third gen model has several key improvements, my most favorite being the tool-less bolt carrier group extension.

The only knock I have on the adapter is availability. Several of my readers have been trying in vain to buy one, and I was lucky to put together a group buy before the adapter released.


My review

Runner up : Generation 2 Q-Series Stealth appendix holster


2014 was a disappointing year for holsters. I had to replace my old and comfortable Dale Fricke Archangel 1.0 holsters due to the RMR red dot sights I put on my Glock pistols.

The Columbian and Archangel 3.0 holsters were problematic. I bought a Dale Fricke Seraphim left handed holster, but after I gave up on the Suarez International stuff I was loathe to drop another $100+ on a holster.

I had reviewed the generation 1 Stealth holster but found it uncomfortable. Designer Gary Quesenberry told me a second version was due out this fall, and I snapped one up.

It is far more comfortable than the first generation model, and I can easily conceal a Glock 19 with an RMR under a t-shirt. I wear my Q-Series Gen 2 Stealth holster between 10 and 16 hours a day.

Q-Series Stealth Gen 2 Glock Holster Review-2

My review

The worst item of 2014: CAA RONI


It’s hard to tell what’s worse about this Glock enclosure : the reliability / build quality or CAA’s customer service. After suffering many malfunctions with the unit I purchased from Arms Unlimited (another company to stay away from), some of my readers suggested I was sold an Airsoft model.

At the request of CAA’s US distributor Command Arms, I sent my RONI in for evaluation. In return, they sent me an evaluation unit. This unit had two differences from the one I bought. The first difference were the telltale aluminum rails versus my plastic ones. The second difference was that the evaluation model’s stock failed during firing. The stock collapsed and the top rail cut my face.


I was sent a second RONI, and it suffered more jams. I asked about my retail unit, and Command forgot that they had it. I was told to keep the second evaluation unit, and I was never told if I had an Airsoft unit or not, or why my enclosure had so many problems.

The Glock enclosure market is disappointing as a whole, but the CAA RONI is my least favorite out of the bunch.

My initial RONI review, RONI comparison, and final thoughts

Runner up : TSD / One Source Tactical / Suarez International Archangel 3.0 Glock Holster

Accidental RMR Brightness Adjustment in TSD Holster-1

I knew that I would have to get new holsters when I upgraded my Glocks with RMR red dot sights. I also knew that Gabe Suarez’s Technical Services Division had an arrangement with Bladetech to make their latest holsters. Suarez International has been experimenting with and pushing red dot sight pistols for years, so I figured their holster would be the best.

Unfortunately, their Archangel 3.0 holster suffered from two problems. One was that it did not allow for easy concealment, and the other was that the Kydex hood kept adjusting my RMR RM07’s brightness. The hood would press against the buttons.  Most of the time this meant that the RMR was set to maximum brightness, but twice during training the hood turned my RMR completely off.

I contacted Tom Cornelius about this issue two months ago, and never heard back. I sold the holster to someone on WarriorTalk with an RMR RM02. I think this holster is a much better option for the non-adjustable RM02. However, the potential for this holster to turn off an RMR RM07 and the lack of support from TSD about their product really disappointed me.

My review

What were your favorite things about 2014?

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  1. Scott says:

    I am currently building my 4th AR pistol, this one will be 300 BLK, with an 8.5″ Noveske barrel. I want to put a 3rd gen Law Tactical folder on this one, I’ve had a frustrating search for one in stock! I do have one on back order at Brownell’s, so here’s hoping for an early 2015 delivery!

    Happy Holidays to you & She Shepard, love your site, very useful information!

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve also been fruitlessly searching for the law tactical buffer tube. Here’s to hoping in 2015.

  3. Rick says:

    What rail did you use on the law tactical pistol?
    I’m building a pistol with a noveske 10.5 cqb barrel and the last part to complete it is the handguard.

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