Door Security Bar Installation Review

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This is the second part in a multi-part series about products, which are meant to reinforce your door and door frame. These products are designed to be installed by the resident, with normal mechanical aptitude and household tools.

Product Overview

The Security Bar from is a solid piece of metal that stretches across your door. The Security Bar is mounted on studs on either side of the door by heavy duty lag screws It can either be completely removed or left to hang on the highest screw for an easy exit.




The hardest part about installing the Security Bar was finding the right door for it. You have to be careful about other things on or near the door frame. For example, I could have used the longer bar on my garage door, but the nearby wooden shelves would have made it difficult to remove the bar again. One of my doors is surrounded by concrete, and due to how the frame was situated both bars were too long.

Once you’ve made sure the bar will work for you (and swing freely so you can use your door) installation is relatively easy:

  • Drill a single hole in each stud on either side of the door
  • Screw in the lag screws, using the included Torx T-50 bit
  • Hang the bar

In my particular case I had to use a socket wrench with two adapters to make this work. My cordless drill did not have enough torque to finish the job — even after lubricating the threads with soap — and the included T-50 bit was the wrong size for my impact driver.



Due to the various doors of my house, I wasn’t able to install the bar on all the doors I wanted to. I may investigate what it takes to drill into concrete and if it’s advisable to secure the bar this way.

Once you get setup out of the way, installing the Security Bar was easy for me. However, I also had the easiest possible situation, since the studs were visible. If you are not used to finding studs in your walls, the installation may be more daunting to you.

The Security Bar is the most expensive item that Beyond Locks sells. The bar itself seems very robust.

The $65 price tag seems to be in line with other door security bar products.

I can’t help but compare it to the MasterLock door brace that typically sells for less than $20. The one advantage the Security Bar has over the MasterLock brace is that the bar protects both the hinge side and the knob side.

If you have a door that would bene


The Security Bar was provided to us by Beyond Locks for testing and evaluation.

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  1. Z. says:

    Thanks for the excellent review and the intro to this product. I’m new to your site, as of today, and am very impressed.

    Curious if you’ve selected another product or approach for your front door. I heard you mention the glass surrounding it, which is a problem I also have. Our front door has sidelights on both sides and the frame doesn’t appear to be that robust.

    We’ve had 3M security film applied to all of the accessible glass panels on our first few floors. But, that won’t stop the door from being kicked in, which is the most likely scenario.


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