By the edge 599 Fox karambit training DVD review

| August 11, 2014 | 8 Comments


This is a special review from one of our firearms instructors and lifelong martial artist and knife-fighter junshi. – Short Barrel Shepherd


I have been following Doug Marcaida for some time and I am a big fan of his videos on YouTube with Funker Tactical. So I was excited when he announced the release of his first training DVD.

I was disappointed that the only purchase option is a physical DVD, with no download option.

Upon starting the DVD, the first thing I noticed was the spelling mistakes on the main DVD menu screen, and the transitions between chapters are painfully slow (just on the menu).

The DVD is broken down to 26 chapters (running about an hour), with a few examples being:

  • Introduction to the Fox 599 knife
  • Different grips
  • How to flail
  • How to use it as an impact weapon
  • Basic cuts
  • Flow drills
  • Playing/free flow.

I like Doug as an instructor; he is easy to listen to and laid back. This is NOT a traditional instructional video with a step-by-step breakdown of each technique. It is more a demonstration of a variety of techniques. The camera man often interrupts Doug to have him repeat a drill slower so that they can pick up exactly what he is doing.

I must make it clear that this is specifically for the Fox 599 karambit; parts of the DVD are dedicated on how to deploy the knife and how to use it as an impact weapon (or how to use the 599 trainer as a control device) and would not apply to a fixed karambit.

However a large portion of this material is already available on the Funker Tactical YouTube channel:

That being said, this is supposed to be an introduction to the karambit (Specifically the 599), but Doug does like to play so he quickly starts to free flow and demonstrate more advanced techniques, including disarms and take downs.

The author's 599 karambit by Fox Knives.

The author’s 599 karambit by Fox Knives.

Overall this is an odd instructional video, there is some basic information but it quickly goes beyond that. During the flow drills Doug just jumps right in and throws a lot of information at the viewer. I feel this video has much more to offer someone who has already trained in Filipino Martial Arts then someone completely new to knife work…


If you own a Fox599 (I do, it’s my carry knife), this is a solid introduction – Buy.

Looking for a karambit technique DVD? – Don’t buy, there are better options out there.

About the Author:

Starting with judo at age 8, Junshi has trained in many disciplines including Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali/Eskrima, Combat Submission Wrestling, Silat, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Thai Chi and Aikido. He has studied under multiple masters including 8th Dan TKD Senior Master Raymond O’Neill, Rick Faye and Dan Inosanto.

8 Comments on "By the edge 599 Fox karambit training DVD review"

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  1. Jae Park says:

    Thank you for the review. It was very helpful.
    I also do own a Fox Karmabit myself. I wonder how you got yours decorated in military camouflouge? Isn’t black the only color?

    • junshi says:

      This is how I purchased my fox karambit. I was actually trying to get a black one, but at the time they were sold out at all locations, and I was only able to find this color! This has been my carry knife for about 3 years, only over the last few months has the belt clip started to loose its grip (the only complaint I have seen about these knives).

  2. Nel says:

    Hi, I wonder if Doug Marcaida’s Dvd is helpful to me as a novice?

    • junshi says:

      I would say maybe. It gets advanced quickly and there are better instructional videos out there for basic knife work. If you own a fox karambit the information is useful, if you already know basic knife work. If you don’t it’s a steeper learning curve. If you don’t own a karambit, then I would look elsewhere…

  3. Martin Krivanek says:

    you mentioned better stuff for people that prefer fixed blades, could you please let me know what you would recommend?
    Thanks a lot,

    • junshi says:

      Well the only difference between a fixed blade and a folder is the deployment! Otherwise the techniques are the same. But there is a difference between the ‘curved’ blade techniques (like the karambit) vs. a traditional straight blade.

      For basic knowledge I like anything by Martial Blade Concepts, they produce an excellent series of training DVD’s, starting from basics and building on them. The M.B.C. system is based on Filipino knife systems.

      If you’re looking for something more stylized, then I like the ‘Ultimate Knife Collection’ by Grandmaster Angelo Baldissone. He also has a karambit series titled ‘Filipino Kyusho Karmabit’ & ‘Advanced Karambit’.

  4. Alex says:

    Is there any basic karambit instructional dvds that you recommended?

  5. korey555 says:

    Get the Emerson video that they used to sell along with the karambit/trainer package. Like the man said, you can get most of the “by the edge material” on YouTube and it is very difficult to follow even for someone who has used and trained these knives for years. It comes across as more of a “show off” video than actually wanting to teach you anything. the Emerson video is like five hours of great material, every type of deploy, carry, attacks, defense, and an entire video on knife boxing which really works great with these knives.

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