Check Your Lights and Optics: April 2015 Edition

I encourage you to check your lights and optics at least once a month. I also verify my optics and lights are working every time I put my hands on a firearm.

Here’s the tally for April, with a bonus question for the community.

Total dead optics found: 0.5/11

Total dead weapon mounted lights: 1/4

Total dead handheld lights found: 0/6

The same weapon mounted light was dead as last month. This means it’s burning through a CR123A battery every month, with about three 1 -2 second activations a month.

The throw lever was still engaged and I made sure the twist cap wasn’t locking out the light. This month I have switched to Panasonic batteries in the hopes I get better results.

For those of you with the Inforce Weapon Mounted Light, do you have problems with the light slowly discharging the batteries?



The She-Shepherd reported that the red dot on one of our RMRs was intermittently going on and off at first. We’re going to replace the battery. It works for now, and I am not sure if the optic is bad or the batteries are bad. We’ll be replacing the battery after this Saturday’s class.

As an aside, the Primary Arms reflex sight I gave up on two years ago because it ate batteries like crazy is still going strong on the last battery I put in it. WTF.

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  1. I have two Inforce lights, one on each of my primary rifles. I’ve never had an issue with them eating batteries. Most of my fellow instructors at TDI are running Inforce lights on at least one weapon. I’ve never heard them complain about the issue either. You may have a bad light.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Thanks for the information. I wonder if there’s a defect that results in a slow discharge. Bummer for me, but good news in regards to the Inforce in general.

  2. Alan says:

    I have the in force momentary only weapon light with a Panasonic battery I have had it a year with the same battery I haven’t used it much 96hr work week doesn’t allow much free time. But its still working and no sign of a slow discharge

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