Check Your Lights and Optics: January 2017 Edition

| February 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Happy New Year! I had a battery die on me 😉

January’s “Check Your Lights and Optics” results:

Total dead optics found: 1/11

Total dead weapon mounted lights: 0/4

Total dead handheld lights: 0/3

Total dead safe lights: 0/3

Total dead headlamps: 0/2

Several changes since last month.

I added two headlamps to my trauma kits (one in my Adidas bag, one in my car bag). I also removed two of the handheld flashlights around the house from my list — we have a bunch of other lights in the house I’m not counting, so it was a little confusing to check just a few of them. I am now only counting lights on my person, and in my EDC bags.

The biggest news is that the Primary Arms reflex site battery finally died after nearly four years of constant illumination. There is no on-off switch. There is no way to change the brightness. It’s just on every moment of every day for over three years. It died sometime between January 16 and the 31st when I do my round-up.

Always do a “pre-flight” of your firearms before leaving the house (check optics, magazine, lights, etc).

How’d you do this month?

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