Check Your Lights and Optics: March 2016 Edition

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March’s “Check Your Lights and Optics” results:

Total dead optics found: 1/11

Total dead weapon mounted lights: 0/4

Total dead handheld lights found: 0/5

Total dead safe lights found: 0/3

This month is a reminder to have a “preflight” procedure every time you put your hands on a firearm. Mr John Farnam of DTI and Mr Erik Pakieser of QSI teach a muzzle to grip (or buttstock, in the case of shoulder-fired arms) procedure. Is the front sight there? If BUIS are present, do they deploy properly? Weapons Mounted Light work? Optic(s) work? Did you do a press check? Magazine present, fully loaded, and properly seated after checking its status? Etc.

Despite checking just days earlier, I decided to preflight all of the SBRs we were taking to Rangemaster last month. Sure enough, my SBR Mini Draco had a dead optic. I took the spare battery out of the grip and everything was back in business.

Also, I reduced the number of handheld lights by one, since I am no longer carrying the Nitecore Tube (my review).

How’d you do this month?

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