Combat Flip Flops Operation Hawkeye Shemagh Review

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The shemagh (also called a keffiyeh) is a head scarf. It has many, many uses. For training purposes, it’s great to regulate your temperature and to keep hot brass from hitting your face and neck.

I covered this a bit with my old blog project, and if you do a YouTube video search for “how to tie a shemagh” you might see a familiar face.

Today I’m writing about the Operation Hawkeye shemagh, which is a fantastic limited edition shemagh sold by Combat Flip Flops. With only 250 handmade shemaghs available, the Operation Hawkeye is a great value at $29.99.



The Operation Hawkeye shemagh is a traditional 44″x44.” This makes tying it much easier.

The tassels are hand-tied, and are very close together. This is important for durability reasons, and also makes the shemagh look nice.

The shemagh is made out of 100% cotton and is made by hand in Afghanistan. The fabric is very very soft, but still flexible and durable. It has a good “hand,” and feels good on your neck and face. I know we’re all burly knuckledraggers, but there’s an immediate quality difference when you handle the Operation Hawkeye versus a mass-produced shemagh.

The Operation Hawkeye logo is individually embroidered. Between the stitching, the tying, and the embroidered logo, each Operation Hawkeye shemagh will be unique.


Importantly, the shemagh’s edges are folded and stitched tight. There’s another top stitch (shown above). This is very very important for durability. My $10 Rothco shemag has split in several places on every side:


This makes tying the shemagh difficult, and is a pain in the ass to fix.

About Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops was started by a former US military. Many of the items they sell either benefit someone else and/or are made out of repurposed materials of war.

For example, the Operation Hawkeye shemagh benefits two great organizations:

The Station Foundation: A Homecoming Project for the Warriors & Families of Special Operations

THE STATION Foundation (TSF) is a non-government agency providing resources to help all Members and Families of the Special Operations Community attain the same elite performance in their personal lives as they enjoy in uniform. TSF offers a place where Special Operators and their families can stop, identify their values and “stay on track.” They are a critical stop on the journey to continue a life of Elite Living. THE STATION Foundation is comprised of Special Operations Veterans, active duty members, and families who speak the language, walk the path, and live by the Special Operations creed. The Station Foundation is founded on the Special Operations Truths: “humans are more important than hardware;” “quality is better than quantity;” and “Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.” Complemented by trained professionals and experts in critical areas of support, THE STATION provides premier support from the most dedicated, trustworthy, focused group of individuals.

Team 5 Medical Foundation

TEAM 5 is a non-profit medical foundation consisting of special operations medics, physicians, and critical care providers that use special operations medical skills to deliver medicine in areas underserved by conventional medicine. Medical deployments consist of a small group of hand selected medical and survival experts that venture into the most extreme and austere locations on this globe to educate local healthcare workers, provide remote medicine, and donate supplies to developing areas so they can be self sufficient. Special operations medics and physicians are the most elite providers of modern medicine in austere environments.

When you purchase a standard shemagh, enough money is donated to send an Afghani girl to school for a day.

The shemaghs are made by female-owned factories in Afghanistan. This is also important to me, because if we expect a cultural and political change to happen in Afghanistan we have to provide alternate ways for people to earn a living and be independent. My mother frequently serves as a translator for American doctors who go to Costa Rica. The positive effects of small-scale industry cannot be underestimated, and families that were losing husbands, brothers, and children to gangs years before are now making enough money to peacefully survive. I hope something similar occurs in Afghanistan.

There are other items that are made from unexploded ordinance from Vietnam and Laos. I have donated to MAG before, an organization who attempts to remove mines in the same area. Landmines are fucked up and hurt innocent people — especially children — long after a conflict is over. Anything we can do to support the removal of unexploded ordinance is great.

Cost Analysis

I bought my Rothco shemagh for $10 via Amazon Prime. Certain colors are up to $16 (as of this writing), and shemaghs by manufacturers like BLACKHAWK! or Voodoo Tactical run $15 – $25.

The Operation Hawkeye shemagh is $29.99. The standard shemagh is $19.99. So, for just a few bucks more you are getting a superior product from a US Veteran-owned company who helps people around the globe stand up for themselves and live safer lives.

You could save some cash by buying a $10 Rothco shemagh, but you’ll have split ends within a year and may eventually buy a replacement. This is the road I was going down before I discovered Combat Flip Flops. If you buy a second $10 shemagh to replace the $10 shemagh that didn’t last you could have bought the standard CFF shemagh in the first place.




I love the Operation Hawkeye shemagh from Combat Flip Flops. So does The She-Shepherd — she took it within minutes of its arrival and I only got it back long enough to do this review.

You can support a good company that supports multiple good initiatives. It won’t cost you much more than buying a mass-produced, inferior garment made by a faceless company.

Order the Operation Hawkeye shemagh here and visit Combat Flip Flops for other awesome items.


In the battle between shemaghs, Combat Flip Flops comes out on top.


About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

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  1. Kyliewyotie says:

    Thanks for pointing the company out, I will be getting some Christmas presents for people from them 🙂

  2. Griff says:


    Thanks for the awesome review and supporting the mission. We’ve already seen the traffic hit the website! You helped book hours at the factory in Afghanistan and already funded a week of school for an Afghan girl. Thank you.

    Combat Flip Flops

  3. Will Thomas says:


    Thank you very much for your kind review. Hopefully, many of your followers will pick up a shemagh in support of the Special Ops community.



    Stokesperson, Combat Flip Flops
    Founder, Operation Hawkeye
    Gonzaga College High School ’17

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