EDC Medical Kit Updates, November 2017

| November 15, 2017 | 2 Comments

Update on my ankle trauma kit: I added rubber bands around my SOFT-T Wide after ejecting it during training. I added another roll of 4″ x 4 yards gauze after attending another medical class.

Update on my pocket kit: I traded my ab pad for two rolls of 4″ x 4 yards gauze

I’ve worn a trauma kit around my ankle every day since March of this year. In May I wrote about the kits I tested, and have been true to the FSD Responder ever since.

Here’s a short update about wearing an ankle kit daily, training with it, changes I’ve made, and additional thoughts about the Responder.

In July I attended Craig Douglas’s VCAST. This is a 20+ hour class about fighting in and around cars. This is a pretty dynamic, physical class. I got in and out of different cars hundreds of times, crawled over the interior, and eventually grappled in them.

The kit itself stayed where I put it, partly due to the extra-grabby nature of the SFD Responder, but also because I wear the ankle kit higher up on my leg.

However, my biggest complaint about the Responder happened again: during use, it ejected an item from my kit. At Rangemaster’s Polite Society Conference I lost a bandage ; at VCAST I almost lost my SOFT-T Wide. I added rubber bands around my tourniquet to keep this from happening again, but I strongly dislike needing them.

I attended 18 Zulu’s trauma class in September, and after doing some practicals I realized I could benefit from another roll of gauze in my kit. I had room, so I added a second roll of 4″ x 4 yard sterile gauze.

I am going to investigate putting the gauze in a plastic bag, as I do with my pocket carried gauze. Speaking of, I ditched the AB / combine pad in favor of two more rolls of gauze. The reason I did this is that I’m more concerned about stopping bleeding inside of the body instead of putting a final dressing on top of a wound. If I can’t stop the bleeding on the inside of the body, then putting an absorbent pad on top isn’t really helping anything.

This brings my on-body EDC trauma gear to:

Ankle kit

Pocket kit

  • SOFT-T Wide tourniquet
  • Nitrile gloves (x6)
  • 4″ x 4 yard rolls sterile nonconforming gauze (x2)

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  1. If you want to save some room in your kit. vacuum-seal soft stuff, like gauze. Takes up much less room when compressed.

    I’d like to take credit for that idea, but, since my wife reads these articles – and, she owns the vacuum sealer, I won’t.

    Thanks for your articles,

    Michael Arnold

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