EverBrite 6-pack LED Headlamp for Trauma Kits Review

| January 17, 2017 | 2 Comments

Low light trauma care is a real possibility, especially considering that most violent encounters happen in (some) darkness, and that the power may be out during/after a terrorist incident.

The more trauma care training I take, the more I believe it’s critical to have both hands free during an emergency. In low light trauma care training, I did all sorts of dumb stuff with my flashlight: put it in my mouth, tried to angle it on the ground, tucked it under my armpit, etc.

It was suggested that I pack a headlamp with my trauma kit, and that sounded great — until I took count of all the kits we had.

I have a multi-person kit in my EDC backpack. I have another multi-person kit in my car. I have a trauma kit in my range bag, and one on my chest rig. My wife has three trauma kits of her own. We have a larger medical kit in our house in the basement in case of a tornado.

Even spending $25 or $30 on a headlamp will add up.

We have some higher quality headlamps in the house, but putting them in my trauma kits meant that we didn’t have them available for other uses (such as hiking at night, camping, bicycling, prolonged emergencies, etc).

There’s a time to spend big, and a time to get the best bang for your buck.

My friend Mark over at Growing Up Guns suggested this 6-pack of EverBrite headlamps. While they won’t win any prizes for innovation, output, or durability, they definitely win on cost-per-unit.

I think they are especially good for “short range” use that we might expect while treating an injured person.

These are a great deal for less than $25 delivered for six, including batteries. Be advised the batteries aren’t the best, so you might want to consider testing the lamps as soon as possible.

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2 Comments on "EverBrite 6-pack LED Headlamp for Trauma Kits Review"

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  1. Jim Molnar says:

    Great idea, I also have several kits and find that duplicating stuff for each kit a pain. This does add to your monthly battery check but worth the effort.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Heh, as I was writing this article I thought, “shit, that’s a bunch more stuff to check every month.” 😀

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