Factoids about the 2015 Flex Your Guns Photo Contest

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While we’re contacting the winners of the 2015 Flex  Your Guns photo contest, I thought you’d like to read some interesting factoids:

  • We had 43 submissions this year, up from 14 last year.
  • We had 22 candidates up for vote this year, up from 10.
  • We had a 38% increase in votes this year.
  • AR15-style firearms led both submissions and candidates this year:
    • 10 AR-style
    • 5 AK-style
    • 2 MPA DMG MAC 10-style
    • 1 Shotgun
    •  Aero Survival Pistol
    • 1 SLR-106UR
    • 1 TP9
  • Firearms were chambered in 7 calibers.
  • 12 of the 22 candidates had folding or collapsing stocks.
  • Three NEA collapsing AR15 stocks made an appearance. I really want one of these to come to class so I can see how they handle.
  • Four of the entries had vertical foregrips, 10 others had an angled foregrip or hand stop. I think this is interesting, since I discarded all three from my builds after realizing the natural positioning of the hand on the magazine.
  • Of the top five finishers, all of them had “scenery” in the background photo. In general, photos with a backdrop did better than those that were just of the firearm.

Changes to next year

Next year I am going to have a submission period instead of taking submissions during the contest. This allows us to do several things better:

  • Allow people to take good photos of their firearms.
  • Get a better idea of the total number of candidates. This will allow us to have a more even distribution per week.
  • Attempt to get bigger prize packages.

Thank you for participating

I had a lot of fun running the contest this year. Last year I had to contact a lot of people to submit firearms, but not this year. It was really cool to see all of the different firearms, especially those that were built off of experiments I’d conducted.

By the emails and comments I’ve read, some of you have enjoyed the contest, too — and have purchased firearms based on the entrants. At least two readers have told me they purchased an MPA DMG due to the contest, and one reader purchased an MP5 clone.

With every year that passes, there’s more of a community here, and it makes me really happy.

Thank you for being here.

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