Flex Your Guns 2015 Photo Contest: Week #10

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This is the final week!!

Voting will begin tomorrow. We’ve had a ton of great entries this year, let’s get as many people voting as possible. Tell your friends!

This week we have an EDC Mini Draco pistol, an EDC AR15, and a friendly rivalry between two readers.



  • Daniel Defense (DD) 10.3″ 5.56 barrel
  • Bravo Company (BCM) KMR-9 handguard
  • SilencerCo flash hider for (loaner) Specwar 556K suppressor
  • BCM upper/Noveske lower receiver
  • Troy ambi magazine release
  • Magpul BAD lever
  • ALG ACT trigger
  • AXTS Raptor charging handle
  • BCM Gunfighter grip Mod 3
  • BCM QD receiver end plate
  • Magpul CTR stock
  • Voodoo Tactical integral BCG
  • JP Rifles silent buffer spring
  • Aimpoint T1 w/ TangoDown IO cover
  • Streamlight TLR-1 HL
  • DD fixed front sight
  • Troy flip up rear sight

The balance of this rifle with the suppressor mounted was fantastic. It pointed quickly and naturally. The length and size of the rail as well as the position of the light felt very comfortable as did the gunfighter grip.

BD’s AR15 Pistol


  • Xtreme Machining 5.56 AR pistol with a 7.5″ barrel
  • Sig SBX brace
  • Bushnell TRS-25
  • Rousch  Short Angle Handstop
  • Gear Sector E Series offset light mount
  • Nitecore MT1C light
  • Law Tactical Gen 3
  • 1.3″ Carlson Mini Comp

The folding adapter and Carlson Mini Comp bring the overall folded length to 17″.

Fitted with a Magpul PMag 20 it fits easily into this Maxpedition Sitka Gear Slinger bag

IMG_0168 IMG_0167

LS’s Mini Draco AK47 Pistol

2015-04-16 09.32.25

  • 7.62×39 Hogue overmolded grip
  • SB47 brace (not in this photo)
  • Widened rear sight notch
That picture was from the range and shortly after I’d read your article about carrying a  PDW to work daily…. The paracord sling is attached was just as a sling, not really effective as a brace or stock, just allowed me to have my hands free.

GL’s AR15 Pistol


  • 11″ CHF Barrel
  • Syrac Adjustable Gas Block
  • Vltor A5 Pistol System
  • Krinkov Linear Comp (While waiting on the quiet stick)
  • Troy Tritium Sight
  • Rail custom cut to clear access for QD for supressor. It also gives longer length of pull and more generous length for the hand stop
The whole package fits nicely in an Eberlestock X3 Lodrag without the sheath being extended whatsoever. This entire build was inspired by a buddy entering the contest as well. He has no idea I’m entering, or what I built! Hah!

Here are the contest details:

  • Submissions are now closed. I’m sorry if your build didn’t make it in, we just had too many entries this year and I started too slowly.
  • Judging will start on June 19, 2015 and close at 11:59PM CDT June 24, 2015.
  • The winner will be notified on June 25, 2015.
  • If your photo is chosen by the community you’ll have five business days to email me a picture of the firearm you submitted plus a piece of paper with your email address written on it. This is very important to make sure the firearm is actually yours. Our friends in law enforcement may enter their unit’s firearms as long as they can provide the evidence linking their email address to their photo.
  • The winner will get their gift card via email, so make sure you send me your photos from a valid email account!

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