Flex Your Guns 2015 Winners!

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Congratulations to GL and CO for winning the 2015 Flex Your Guns photo contest!

First Place — GL’s AR15 pistol


  • 11″ CHF Barrel
  • Syrac Adjustable Gas Block
  • Vltor A5 Pistol System
  • Krinkov Linear Comp (While waiting on the quiet stick)
  • Troy Tritium Sight
  • Rail custom cut to clear access for QD for supressor. It also gives longer length of pull and more generous length for the hand stop
The whole package fits nicely in an Eberlestock X3 Lodrag without the sheath being extended whatsoever. This entire build was inspired by a buddy entering the contest as well. He has no idea I’m entering, or what I built! Hah!




GL chose the pistol target package from Shootsteel.com, who were generous enough to donate these prizes to our community. We shoot their pistol and rifle targets in class, and they are really nice and durable. Please check them out.

Second Place — CO’s Lefty AR15 SBR


This is a SBR AR-15 with a 11.5” Stag Arms Left Hand upper.
  • Surefire M300 mounted on the right side of the rifle
  • MVB Industries Stock
  • Geissle SSA-E Trigger
  • Troy Ambi Magazine Release
  • Surefire 60 Round Magazine
  • VTAC Sling (not pictured)
  • Silencerco Flash hider
  • Daniel Defense Rear Sight
  • TacOps-1 Charging Handle
I love how well this gun handles since it’s so compact. I keep debating on whether or not to add a red dot but I’d hate to add anymore weight. The rifle is plenty accurate in my hands and I continue to enjoy turning money into noise whenever I take it out.When I first saw stocks like NEA’s product I knew I wanted one but all used a proprietary bolt carrier which restricted me to using a right handed gun. Typically using a right handed rifle; shooting left handed, doesn’t bother me but since I wanted to shoot suppressed I knew I wanted to avoid as much gas blow back as possible, so a left hand action is what I used.
When the MVB product came to market and found out you could use your existing bolt carrier I purchased one without giving it much thought. Once I had handed over my money there was about a 2 month lead time before I received the stock during which I started thinking about how would the cheek weld be? Will I engage the stock release shooting it left handed? Will it work? All of my doubts were thankfully put to rest once I installed the stock.I really enjoy shooting with it and have never felt like I needed to treat it with kid gloves. My only complaint so far is more personal than product oriented. I find the length of pull is a bit short for my personally preferred shooting style but it isn’t hard to adapt too. I plan on writing up a review near the end of the summer once I’ve had some more fun with it.
I like seeing builds with the MVB and NEA stocks on them, I think it’s an interesting alternative to the Law Tactical folding adapter, which is very hard to find right now.
CO chose the $50 gift card to Brownells, which was provided by us at our own expense.
It was a lot of fun to do this contest again, and I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings. Some readers are already gearing up for next year’s contest!
Thanks again for flexing your guns. 🙂

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