Flex your guns contest winner!

A big congratulations to B. R. Kurtz and his SBR vz 61 Skorpion for winning the first Flex Your Guns contest!

skorpion v61 unfolded

The Skorpion had 58.3% of the vote and 60 votes.

Mr. Kurtz will receive a $25 electronic gift card from Brownells as well as the Participation Package (more on that in a bit). Also, if you haven’t bought it already, check out his book about SBRs and submachine guns “Size Matters.”

Shame on Mr. Kurtz for submitting his Skorpion, now I want one and have been cruising the Internet for an inexpensive vz. 61. THANKS. ūüėČ

Second place was DJ’s Vector 53 SBR¬†with 15 votes(14.6%):





DJ’s Vector 53 is not just a cool SBR, it’s a labor of love. The amount of research, time and funds to put this together was well noted and respected by other readers who also own H&Ks or clones. Several readers contacted me to talk about the pains involved in making a firearm like this look and run great, and thanks to DJ for sending us pictures of his 53.

Lastly, some of the Flex Your Guns contest participants are friends and/or training partners of mine. However, I was humbled by submissions from readers I didn’t know beforehand, and from notable firearms instructors from Suarez International. This blog is still very young and small, but we’re picking up steam.

Every participant is going to get a Participation Package,¬†which will consist of an SBS sticker, an SBS PVC morale¬†patch, and an SBS PVC glow in the dark “Ranger eyes” micro patch. The patches are currently in production and I’ll send out the Participation Package once everything arrives.

I’ll be contacting everyone who participated today and tomorrow, and thanks to the people who sent in photos and to those who voted.

I had a lot of fun doing this, and I hope you did, too.

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