Flex Your Guns Photo Contest: Entry #7

Our seventh entry into the Flex Your Guns contest is this AR15 SBR in .300 Blackout with a suppressor from JC.


  • 9″ AAC 300 BLK upper w/ KAC URX III rail – this is the upper sold by AAC
  • Aimpoint T1 w/ ADM riser
  • AAC 7.62-SDN-6 Suppressor
  • Diamondhead Polymer BUIS
  • War Sports Edition, Legion Firearm lower – NiBx coated, then Ceracoated
  • ALG ACT trigger
  • Umbrella Corp grip
  • Magpul CTR Stock
  • Law Tactical folding adapter – 20″ length folded
  • BAD ASS Short Throw safety
  • Tactical Link Battery Assist Lever
  • Fireclean lube

Here’s what he has to say:

This upper can run both supersonic & subsonic rounds with no issues when using a H2 buffer as AAC advises. This has handled factory 110 gr, 157 gr, 220 gr all equally well.

I love shooting this gun suppressed. It’s ridiculously quiet, especially when shooting subsonic rounds. And with the Law Tactical folder, I can leave the stock collapsed and it’s the right length of pull for me.



One of the things I like the most about this build, especially knowing JC personally, is that all of the components are high quality without breaking the bank or being proprietary. I am a big price-to-performance kind of guy, especially since whatever I buy for myself I have to buy for the She-Shepherd as well. This means my budgets are often way lower than that of my training partners. I respect folk who are able to put together thoughtful, more pricier builds without spending so much they are afraid to let their rifle get dirty during class.

I am also super jealous of his suppressor, since we can’t have them here. 😉

Keep JC’s build in mind when we vote on the top submission on May 29, 2014.

You can still enter!


  • At least one photo of your firearm. Send me photos of short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, point defense weapons, SMGs, AR pistols, or any type of firearm that would fit the theme of this blog.
  • Any details about it that you think other readers would find interesting, such as barrel length, important or unusual components, rarity, etc.
  • One reason you love it or hate it.
  • Email photos of your gun to [email protected]

Here are the contest details:

  • Make sure you’re signed up for my email list – and don’t forget to verify your account!!
  • I will choose the firearms to feature each Thursday by myself.
  • You can enter as many times as you want, but once your firearm is featured on a Thursday you can’t submit again for the same contest.
  • Once we hit 10 weeks, the readers (that’s you!) will vote on who wins out of the pre-selected firearms. My own submissions (f any) won’t count.
  • If your photo is chosen by the community you’ll have five business days to email me a picture of the firearm you submitted plus a piece of paper with your email address on it. This is very important to make sure the firearm is actually yours. Our friends in law enforcement may enter their unit’s firearms as long as they can provide the evidence linking their email address to their photo.
  • The contest will end on May 28, 2014.
  • Judging will start on May 29, 2014 and close at 11:59PM CDT June 4, 2014.
  • Winners will get their gift card via email, so make sure you send me your photos from a valid email account that is also on my email list!

About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

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  1. David says:

    I’m really rather skeptical of .300BLK in general. If you’re running supersonic, you’re better off with cheaper 7.62×39. If you’re running subsonic, you can get cheaper equivalent performance with .45ACP. You might save money on the rifle, but you sure spend it on ammo.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Retail 300 ammo is redonkulously expensive considering the component cost. I am handloading and the price per round is on par with current 5.56 prices and about 30% more expensive than the surplus 7.62 I shoot.

      I like 300 because of the performance in short barrels and in conjunction with the AR15 pistol concept. If I had to do it all over again, this would be my configuration of choice across the board.

      My needs may differ from someone else’s, so it’s fine by me if we don’t agree on this 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    I think you’re wrong on both counts, David. It’s a do-everything round that does both jobs slightly better. It does 7.62×39 with less weight but essentially identical ballistics, and it does .45 subsonic with the same muzzle energy but better terminal bullet performance.

    You are right that the ammo is expensive, though…

  3. bond says:

    Not sure I agree that two guns and two different calibers is better than a “rifle” round that can do both equally well or better. Maybe for playing at the range, but who wants to carry two guns and incorporate caliber choice into their OODA Loop, not me? Ammo is expensive, but most people make 300 BLK and it’s not terrible compared to some other exotic rounds. You also end up with a great platform that can be very modular.

    • David says:

      I find it very, very difficult to believe that anyone going into combat is going to simultaneously _use_ both supersonic and subsonic ammo. It strikes me as way more likely that they’d go fully subsonic or fully supersonic on a particular “outing”. No one uses it on the fly except on the range – sound familiar?

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