Force on Force Counter Ambush TDI Kabar Knife and MDTS Raven Concealment PocketShield 21 Jan 2017

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I’ve written about the PocketShield, created by Chris Fry of MDTS Training, made and sold by Raven Concealment. I’ve been carrying the KA-BAR TDI knife in my right pocket for almost a year (here are my current thoughts, and a little history).

I’ve been able to deploy the TDI knife a few times during force on force scenarios. One was at ECQC last June, and I’ve had a few during QSI Training‘s scenario based training classes.┬áIt’s hard to get good footage, but this is the best so far. Draw, 10 hits with the knife, moving to the back, and making space in just under 4 seconds.

Here’s the scenario, how misdirection was used to anchor me in space just for a second, and how I used misdirection and pseudo-submissive behavior to buy the time I needed.

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