Handling Your Bag in Public: Strapped

| September 19, 2016 | 0 Comments

When I meet my friends out in public for a sit-down meal or a cup of coffee, I stow my bag in one of two positions: at my feet, or in a chair next to me.

This is what I do to reduce the chance of the bag being stolen, and also to keep track of the bag in case I need to access it quickly.

If I am in a booth, I put the bag on the floor.

If I am sitting in a chair, and there is not an empty chair next to me, I will put the bag on the floor.

If the bag is on the floor, I put my foot directly on the bag or loop my foot in the strap.

If I am sitting in a chair, and there is an empty chair next to me, I will put the bag in the seat, loop the strap around the back of the chair, and push the chair in as much as possible.


I prefer to have the bag off of the floor. I don’t want something at my feet if something happens and I need to move quickly — no matter the reason. I also don’t want to have to look down and reach under the table.

If someone tries to steal the bag by the strap, they have to get it over the chair. The bag is at least partially obstructed by the table, so it is not easy to snatch it and run. I hope both practices create obstacles that should buy me time to stop any surprise theft attempt.

Homework assignment: ask your mom, wife/girlfriend, sister, or daughter how they keep their bags from being stolen in public. Is there anything they do that you would suggest?

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