IKEA DIODER Motion Activated LED Light Review

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I love LED lights. There have been big improvements in LED technology, both in performance and cost.

Due to The She Shepherd’s kids, we keep our firearms in one of two places: either on us, or in a safe. As such, I have a small Homak digital safe in my bedroom nightstand.

I have to see the keypad in order to open the safe. I’d previously kept a flashlight on my nightstand. I wanted to a way to see inside my nighstand drawer without needing the flashlight first.

A few weekends ago we were cruising IKEA for light bulbs and other crap. I found the DIODER motion activated LED strip on sale for $4.99. We bought six, and I wish we would have gotten more.


The Dioder measures¬†11.5″ long x 1″ wide. It’s powered by six AAA batteries, and has an adhesive strip for mounting. It also comes with screws if needed.

The light comes on when motion is detected, and shuts off automatically after 16 seconds.

The downside is that six AAA seems like a lot for such a small light.¬†However, LEDs are very efficient and I expect the batteries to last for some time. I’ll report any failures in my monthly Lights and Optics post.

Installation was easy thanks to the adhesive strip, and the light is bright without blinding me. I plan on using the same red filter I have in my bedroom gun safe to further protect my night vision.

My total cost, not including tax, was $7.99: $4.99 for the light and about $3 in batteries.

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