Initial pricing on the C39 Micro AK47 Pistol

| February 24, 2014 | 2 Comments

We saw the Century Arms C39 Micro AK47 pistol this year at SHOT Show. There were a few things we liked about it (6.5″ barrel? Yes please) and quite a few things we didn’t like about it (Wonder Bread foregrip, goofy pistol grip, slanted rear trunnion).

There was one thing we really hated about it, though: the stated retail price of over $1000.

Centerfire Systems’ 2014 early Spring catalog lists the C39 Micro, and its retail price is $749.



It comes with 2 magazines, which I am sure are going to be disposable Tapco mags.

I still think the C93 is too expensive, especially after I saw this:



The Yugoslavian PAP M92 is known as the best built AK pistol on the market. I own one (waiting on that damn stamp) and it is super, super nice. It is probably even better constructed out of the box than the converted Saiga I own.

Sure, the barrel is 10.25″ and it only comes with one crappy mag, but it’s also $350 less expensive and is made in Serbia instead of in the US by Century Arms’s half-literate crackdogs.

I bought my M92 at $549 and thought it was a great deal; if I were so fed up with the ATF’s NFA approval process and bullshit rules on NFA inter-state transport I’d tell you to buy one, too. However, if you’re new to the SBR game and don’t have an established AK roster, I’d steer you to an AR pistol and forget the whole SBR route altogether.

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2 Comments on "Initial pricing on the C39 Micro AK47 Pistol"

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  1. Marcus macon says:

    I’m interested in purchasing the Yugoslav pap m92pv. How do I go About doing so?

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      I’m not sure where you live, but any retail firearms store with an FFL should be able to help you (we don’t sell guns).

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