James Yeager Tactical Response SHOT Show 2015

| February 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

We bumped into James Yeager from Tactical Response at SHOT Show 2015. I’d followed Mr. Yeager for years via his YouTube channel, and I was greatly influenced by a video about hating people, and dealing with haters.

Although on a much smaller scale, I’ve gotten my share of Internet trolls and hate. I’m a “regular guy” with no prior military or law enforcement experience, I have crooked eyes, a weird beard, and more hair on my back than on the top of my head. We’ve run this blog for over a year, but I wrote a different blog for seven, and have over 200 videos up on YouTube. People write a lot of shit when they never have to meet you in person.

I took a chance to say hello to James when I saw him in person.

He was really nice to talk to, and despite being on the busy, crowded SHOT Show 2015 floor, James volunteered some time to answer a few questions on camera.

I was pleased by his response about having a welcome environment for people to come train. Unfortunately we didn’t record The She-Shepherd’s question about helping women overcome their fear of guns — James’s response dealt with training women who had been terribly assaulted, and his reply was emotional and touching.

Not what you’d expect from a guy known for saying whatever he wants, often in a coarse and direct manner.

I hope you enjoyed the short Q&A.

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