Lancer Systems Carbon Fiber Handguards at SHOT Show 2015

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When we started talking to JP Pollock from Lancer Systems about carbon fiber handguards I expected to hear the usual sales pitch about light weight. What I didn’t expect was for JP to go from approachable gentleman to a handguard-swinging samurai warrior. The product display didn’t have a chance, and the carbon fiber AR15 handguard didn’t have a scratch. I was amazed, and in a five minute conversation he changed my mind about the durability of carbon fiber forends.

The Lancer handguards are available with no rail, a 2″ top rail, and a full length top rail. You can purchase additional rail sections. Lancer currently makes seven different lengths of handguards, as well as several OEM options for people with the H&K 416 (*cough* you know who you are, buddy), SCAR, SIG, and the Lancer custom rifles.


The handguards require a custom barrel nut (provided).

Prices for the carbon fiber forends start at $217 directly from Lancer, and top out at $379.37. The rail sections, which are milled down to save weight, run from $29.40 to $40.95 depending on length and configuration.


One of the big reasons I like the Lancer handguard is that it doesn’t require an adhesive. I also like to think of JP teeing off on a chair, and wonder if a $100 guard would fare as well.

I’d purchase a carbine length handguard with a 2″ top rail for my .300 Blackout AR15 pistol. That would run me $242 before shipping. People spend more on that for aluminum handguards from Knights, BCM, etc. but there are also less expensive carbon fiber handguards out there.

SHOT Show 2015 was a financial planning nightmare for us — there are so many products we want to buy and review. I am not sure if our budget is going to allow us to buy a carbon fiber handguard this year, but if it did I would absolutely buy one from Lancer Systems first.

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  1. David says:

    I have a carbon fiber hand guard on one of my builds… I wish I would of went with a Lancer over one of their competitors. Since I have purchased and installed the competitors I was able to see and handle one of these, lots of regrets on my end.

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