Multiple Opponents with Paul Sharp Rangemaster 2017 3×3 Review

| March 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

My second class of day 2 at the 2017 Rangemaster Polite Society Tactical Conference was with Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense. This was the second time I’ve trained with Paul; the first time was in his recoil management class at last year’s Rangemaster.

I really like Paul’s no-nonsense, down to earth demeanor. I also like his teaching style, which adheres to the same layered approach as the other Shivworks instructors.

Paul starts out by explaining why a technique is necessary, explaining the technique, demonstrating the technique, and then allowing students to try the technique before adding an additional layer.

A layer could be a progression in the technique, or more pressure from a training partner, or another opponent, or a combination of these things.

It’s a good way to ease someone into a new subject while simultaneously accounting for how humans learn, especially something called cognitive load.

Here’s my 3×3 review, which discusses the top 3 things covered in class, the top 3 things I learned, and the top 3 things I’m going to change.

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