My different gun shot wound trauma kits

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I carry at least a tourniquet and Israeli battle dressing on me any time I have my EDC rifle around. Depending on the bag, environment, and attire I may carry an independent gun shot wound trauma kit, a smaller personal first aid kit, or just a tourniquet and battle dressing.

My preferred setup is to carry the independent trauma kit in addition to my rifle bag. I do this for a few reasons.


The first is that sometimes I go places that is not appropriate to take my bag, such as a sporting event or client lunches, etc. I wrote my impressions about carrying this kit in public on my other blog, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how socially acceptable it’s been.

The second reason I like carrying a second bag is that if I need to ditch my main pack during deployment I still maintain control of my trauma kit.

However, there are times that it’s not acceptable to take the full kit. In those cases, I take a smaller bag. It’s a Condor rip-away medic kit, and has a ton of space. I like it, and it currently resides in my SBR backpack.


However however, there are times where I don’t have a bag that has enough room for the Condor’s thick profile.



That’s my AK inside of a laptop briefcase, which has two compartments, neither of which is wide enough for the Condor kit.

In situations like this, I carry an Israeli Battle Dressing with a CavArms / Cavalry Medicine Slick Tourniquet attached via a hair tie I stole from The She-Shepherd.



Here’s a video detailing my various trauma kits, what’s in them, and when I carry them.

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