Nitecore Tube USB Rechargeable Flashlight Review

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About five months ago I purchased the Nitecore Tube rechargeable USB flashlight. I bought it based on the recommendation of some readers. A big THANK YOU to those of you who buy products on Amazon through us ; we were able to buy this thanks to the money we earned through referrals.


The Nitecore Tube is a flat, plastic-bodied flashlight meant to be attached to a key ring. Other features and specifications include:

  • Just over 2″ long, less than an inch wide
  • Weighs 0.34 oz according to Nitecore
  • Chargeable via a Micro USB cable (not included)
  • 1 lumen low light mode, 45 lumen max bright mode
  • Approximate battery life is 48 hours on low brightness, an hour on max brightness.
  • 3-stage switch: low, maximum, maximum temporary
  • Durable, plastic body

Here’s my review on the product:


I think this is a great light for people who don’t carry a flashlight already. At $10 or so, these are worth buying for friends and family. The Tube┬áreminds me of the Gerber “Exchange-A-Blade” knife, which is a knife for people who haven’t considered carrying a knife.

The Tube was suggested as a replacement for the super cheap (but also super durable) LED mini-flashlight I kept on my key ring. Compared to that, the Tube is a MASSIVE technological improvement. I think I’m just past the point where I need a very low-light flashlight on hand.

nitecore tube


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