Nova Modul PAK-9 9mm AK47 Pistol

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In 2015, Italian firearms manufacturer and importer Chiappa Firearms announced they were going to bring a 9mm AK47 pistol to the United States. Built by Nova Modul of Cugir, Romania, the PAK-9 accepts Beretta 92 magazines. Reviews are mixed, but some recent developments have piqued my interest.


  • 6.3″ barrel
  • 14.25″ overall length
  • 96 ounces (6 pounds) unloaded
  • 2 10-round magazines
  • Hinged, railed top cover
  • Railed gas block
  • Rear-mounted sling attachment
  • MSRP $569, street prices range from $399 to $475

Chiappa’s site is terrible so I had to compile stats on the PAK9 from different retailers. I’d consider all of the measurements to be unconfirmed ; it’s quite possible that one retailer put a piece of data up and everyone copied it.

It looks like the rear is at a straight angle, so the US Machinegun grip converter for the Draco or similar AKs should fit.

Customer reviews indicate the grip can be switched out to any AK grip. The MagPul AK MOE grip seems like a good candidate.

The barrel is not threaded, which is a pretty big bummer. Given how difficult AK barrels are to remove, I doubt it would be easy to thread it.

The magazine release is a push-button on the left side of the mag adapter. The usual AK mag release allows for the removal of the mag adapter entirely … that may be a huge problem in practice if you have a lot of reps on an AK like I do.


I wasn’t interested when I first saw the PAK-9 announcement in 2015.

I was deep into the .300 Blackout AR15 project at that point, and if I was going to have a 9mm carbine in the house it would either by the Angstadt Arms UPD-9 or the MasterPiece Arms 930 DMG.

I’ve put the .300 in the safe indefinitely, couldn’t afford the UPD-9 at the time, and I have a hard time paying almost $700 for the MPA 930 DMG when the SST version was about $350.

However, things have changed.

There aren’t many options for 9mm AKs. Arsenal sold their AKX-9 pistol in April of 2015 to the tune of $1500 MSRP. According to Arsenal, their run of 5000 sold out.

Aside from price and availability, the main thing that piqued my interest in the PAK-9 was the release of a Glock magazine adapter.

There is a very short video on YouTube showing someone firing the PAK-9 with clear ETS magazines. While almost everyone lists the adapter as “unavailable,” it is available from Chiappa’s Web site for around $32 delivered. Street price of the adapter is as low as $20, but availability seems non-existent.

The Glock adapter interests me for two reasons: we’re a Glock house, and the angle of the Glock magazine may alleviate some of the feeding issues reported with the out-of-the-box mags supplied by Nova Modul.

A PAK-9 plus adapter, plus folding stock adapter from US Machinegun, plus a pistol buffer tube and Shockwave Blade brace would put the build close to $750-$800, depending on the price of the PAK-9 and shipping. Optics are recommended and an additional cost; it looks like co-witnessing will require a pretty tall riser.

A Place at the Table?

As interesting as this is to me, I’m not sure if I will bite — mostly because it doesn’t really address any immediate needs.

From a size and weight perspective, it’s not much of an improvement over what I carry now. The PAK-9 will be a little bit shorter than my Mini Draco AK47 SBR, but not much lighter — in fact with loaded magazines the total loadout might even be heavier.

Recoil and muzzle blast from a 7.5″ barreled AK47 chambered in 7.62×39 can be substantial. If you’re considering a small form factor AK and recoil / muzzle blast is a concern, the PAK-9 may be more suitable.

If the barrel was threaded I’d be interested in making this a “house” gun — my biggest concern about firing any of our short barreled rifles indoors is the incredible noise. A pistol caliber carbine and a suppressor would definitely address that concern.

At about half the price of the UDP-9, and just a little more than just the MPA 930DMG (no brace or folding mechanism), the PAK-9 may be an interesting experiment for you.

If you decide to get one with the Glock magazine adapter, please let us know how it goes.

About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.
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5 Comments on "Nova Modul PAK-9 9mm AK47 Pistol"

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  1. MattCFII says:

    I keep waffling on if to get this or not too for a lot of the same reasons. In that similar niche I have a Sub2k, a Endo/Shockwave Glock setup, and a SBR AR with a 300blk 8.3 upper plus a 9mm suppressor (that is rated for subsonic 300blk). I also have an underfolder M92 that has pinned fake can that I may SBR. I too would only be interested in the Glock mags and would have problems not using the mag release too. Really I think it will come down to if I get a new job with more money to throw at the project and actually finding one I can check out in person first.

    I assume you are wanting to specifically thread for the suppressor so you are worried the usual way of threading an AK with thread die and TAT wouldn’t be concentric enough. I always wondered why if you used a TAT why it couldn’t be concentric enough on some barrels since the TAT is directly using the bore to guide the die.

  2. van der lin says:

    probablly a bore guided die would be suffieicne to thread straignth enough threads, 9mm cans have a good deal of margin.

    HOLY 6 Lbs batman!, for a 9mm SBR w/o stock!!

    And, it is a closed bolt blowback so it will have big recoil for all its carry weight.

    And it is a different manual of arms for AK fags, which seems to be the only people who might have had a reason to look at it.

    How about a beretta 92 in one of the newer enclosures made for it? Locked breech/lower action impulse, lighter weight, shorter OAL.

  3. Steve Kille says:

    I am very happy with my Aero 9mm pistol with Shockwave brace. Accepts Glock mags. 5 lbs.

  4. Terry says:

    In my state we have a concealed carry handgun license. I wondered if a pistol-based carbine would qualify, such as an Angstadt Arms UDP-9. It would go in a quick to deploy backpack. Is there such a pistol rig you would recommend?

    I’ve currently got a FN PS90 SBR (which I can’t concealed carry). Plus an FN Five Seven, and a HK P30sk (9mm). The pistols could be fitted with one of those Roni-like devices. Or I could try a dedicated AR-like platform mentionted on your site such as MPA DMG, Angstadt, or I could save up more for an MP5 clone like those offered by Zenith or POF.

    Anyway there are so many choices. I would like something very reliable and easy to use, but affordable. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. Steve says:

    I just finished my PAK 9 project. I put a little RMR sight and a Laspur rechargable green laser “both from Amazon”. I mounted a Carolina Shooter Supply Ace folder adapter and a KAK Shockwave Blade on it. The range test was quite impressive. I was able to shoot one ragged hole at 30 yards and beat the hell out on a 6in plate at 100 yards. The gun is a bit on the heavy side but it’s super compact. There is a good video on YouTube for barrel threading. You will need an annular cutter and whichever die and bore guide for thread preference. All in all I’m quite happy with the little gun. Next for me will be the PTR MP5 clone. That will get a stamp and a telescoping
    HK stock.

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