Our SHOT Show 2015 Favorites: Where Are They?

We found a lot of great stuff at SHOT Show 2015 this year. We’re about halfway through 2015, and I got to thinking about the status of our favorite products:

Angstadt Arms UDP-9


Out of everything we covered at SHOT, the Angstadt Arms UDP-9 was the readers’s favorite. An out-of-the-box 9mm AR15 with good looks, good components, and a purpose-built philosophy, the UDP-9 was on our “must buy” list.

The Angstadt family was very generous with their time at SHOT, and we’ve stayed in touch as the year has progressed. Some delays with third party components has slowed things down. Angstadt isn’t quite ready to talk about a release date yet, but I hope we see the UDP-9 with a Law Tactical folding adapter by the end of the summer. That’s just my hope, and not a hint.

MasterPiece Arms DMG Series



I have an MPA 930SST MAC 10 vSBR, and I wish I had waited until the DMG series came out. The 30, 935 and 930 DMG MAC 10 firearms accept Glock magazines and have an aluminum lower. MPA showed off several finishes, and they all looked great.

I’ve been trying to purchase a 930DMG in tungsten since we got back from Vegas in January. The DMG were available for a limited time on the official MasterPiece Arms site, but they’ve been backordered for months. The typical Internet-based gun shops like Bud’s, Lanbo’s Armory, etc are either perpetually sold out or only have the bronze finish available.

A few of our readers have purchased their DMG directly from MPA, but at a price premium. One local firearms retailer quoted me three to four weeks wait plus a little bit above retail plus shipping and tax, which brought it dangerously close to another SHOT Show 2015 favorite, the Scorpion Evo 3 S1.

CZ USA Scorpion Evo 3 S1


The Scorpion was actually available before SHOT, but in extremely limited quantities. The ATF’s reversal on arm braces caused a lot of manufacturers to panic, and CZ USA was one of them. They stated that the ruling forced their legal team to double check legal use verification requirements, which delayed sales of the brace.

However, the Scorpion has been generally available, albeit mostly through GunBroker.

What isn’t readily available are 30 round magazines. It’s possible to find 20-rounders, but the 30 and 10 round magazines are much harder to find. 30 round magazines are going for $60+ on GunBroker, and while that may not be expensive if you like H&K firearms, it’s eyepopping for those of us who come from the AK and AR worlds.

There was also some concern about 922r compliance and the factory stock, and CZ USA has announced plans to offer a 922r compliance kit, including a stock. I don’t know if there’s a way for non law enforcement to get a stock directly from CZ USA. You can buy their pistol buffer tube kit for about $80 and supposedly put a regular carbine tube on it.

Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Adapter


Speaking of buffer tubes, we visited with Law Tactical at SHOT Show. We mostly discussed the incredible demand for their folding buffer tube adapter, their partnerships with major firearms manufacturers, and potential plans to increase production.

Law Tactical recently announced they plan on opening up another production facility, which was one of the two options they told us about. Expect this “must have” AR15 accessory to return to the market in about a month or two.

Yes, we are trying to get another pre-order underway. 😉

TNW Firearms Aero Survival Pistol


The TNW Firearms ASP was available before SHOT Show and has been consistently available since SHOT Show. I believe they are on a 1 – 2 week delay. Some of you who purchased the ASP based on the guest article by CR Williams and our SHOT Show coverage have stated that TNW is no longer doing custom barrel lengths. I don’t know if this is true, but if I could put my spare Law adapter on this thing I would buy one.

MagPul Glock 17 Magazines


We were very excited to see the G17 magazines at the MagPul booth. They were released in early April, but suffered a manufacturing problem. My order from Brownells was held until this week. I will post some first impressions soon, but they seem nice except the body may be too slick for use under duress.


About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

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  1. Shootsmith says:

    Quote “TNW ASP… if I could put my spare Law adapter on this thing I would buy one.”

    Why can’t you?? I think it would fit.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      I’m getting re-confirmation from TNW, but we were previously informed that the Law adapter would not work due to different dimensions on the rear of the TNW compared to a usual AR15 lower.

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