Q-Series LLC Adjustable Clip for the Stealth Minimalist Holster

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I love my Q-Series LLC Stealth holster. It’s the only holster I wear now, and I’ve done a significant amount of live-fire and force-on-force training with it.

We talked with Q-Series founder Gary Quesenberry about their M&P models at SHOT Show 2015 this year. I had designs to put their M&P Shield model on my left side, with my Glock 19 or Glock 26 on the right.

However, I discovered that due to my belt and the position of the Stealth’s clip it was possible to eject the magazine when wearing the pistol on the left.

Q-Series has released an adjustable clip that solves this problem. Here’s a short video:

If you’re a lefty or want to wear a backup pistol on your left hand side, check out the Q-Series Stealth. If you have a Gen 1 clip, you can either order a replacement or possibly sidestep the problem by moving your belt buckle.


Q-Series LLC provided the adjustable clip for testing and evaluation purposes.

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