Practical Small Knife with Chris Fry December 02-03, 2017


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Description is pleased to announce Chris Fry, owner of MDTS Training, small arms instructor, small blade knife fighting coach, and part of the “Shivworks Cartel,” will be teaching in Minneapolis, MN on December 02-03, 2017.

Chris’s “Practical Small Knife” seminar two-day event is:

This Small Knife Skills seminar is designed for the lawful folding knife or small fixed blade owner who carries a knife as an everyday tool or last resort defensive weapon. This seminar follows a non-attribute based learning model presenting attendees with a methodology applicable to conventional edged tools and improvised knife- like objects common in our every day environments. A solid grounding in safety and fundamentals of defensive knife application are presented. A heavy emphasis is placed upon the student’s ability to access and deploy the knife while under the stress of close range confrontation.

If you carry a knife for defensive purposes you should attend this class. Chris’s short block at Rangemaster in 2015 changed how I thought about defensive knives, and drastically altered my tools, my carry methods, and where I should strike an opponent with a small blade knife.

highly recommend this class, especially if you are a graduate of Ed Manifesto’s “Weaponology” course, Craig Douglas’s “Edged Weapons Overview,” or if you want to get a head start on those classes.

Chris is also the inventor of the Pocket Shield, something that I use every day.

The cost for this two-day class (12+ hours of instruction) is $275 for both days.

Students will need to bring the following:

  • Street clothes (long sleeved undershirt optional) — unless you open carry a knife you are expected to draw from concealment in your usual manner of dress
  • Training example(s) of your EDC gear. If you don’t have training equivalents Chris will bring some
  • Protective gear is optional (groin, mouth piece)
  • Open mind
  • Notebook (optional)

This course is physical. Students will engage in competitive, non-consensual drills to pressure test the techniques taught in class. Chris defines the amount of contact as “mild to medium,” but please contact Chris ([email protected]) if you have questions about any physical constraints before signing up for class.

This is not a live fire class. Firearms, edged weapons, and impact weapons cannot be present in the training area. There will be a place to store your tools inside of the facility.