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Yesterday The She-Shepherd and I had the great fortune to spent a couple of hours with Evan, Steve and Cody from . These guys are a real success story — Evan started out of his garage, and some of my readers remember driving out to his house to buy steel from him. From there, Evan moved Shoot Steel into a 2000+ sq foot warehouse, but even that space was short lived.

“When we got here I had no idea how I was going to use all that space. A year later we moved into here, and it’s over 5000 sq feet.”

Evan stated they may have to move again, and after talking with him and looking at their products it’s easy to see why the company is so popular.

  1. First off, almost every last bit of inventory sells comes from the United States. The high-quality AR500 steel? Manufactured in the United States. The chains used for hanging targets? US made. The metal used in the target stands? U. S. A. Springs? Yup, United States.  The only globally-sourced things they use are fasteners.
  2. Secondly, uses a laser cutter on all of their products. This is far superior to using a plasma cutter for several reasons.
    • Most importantly from a durability standpoint, lasers create a much smaller “heat zone” when cutting edges or the holes used to mount the steel on stuff.
    • Additionally, the edges on laser-cut steel are consistent, crisp, and easy on the hands. Eventually your targets may take a few hits to the edges, but I tell you — after helping QSI Training clean up after 30+ classes lesser grade steel cut with a plasma cutter isn’t fun to handle without gloves.
  3. The prices are very fair, especially when you consider the all-US components and the quality of the steel.
  4. They are constantly making improvements to their products, and coming out with interesting ways to keep money in your pocket. The EMT Gong Stand Kit is an excellent example of their innovation.


So, the premise of the EMT Gong Stand kit is simple.

The kit costs $61.75 and comes with all the mounting hardware and frame hardware. You buy the Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) locally, usually for between $15 – $20 according to Shoot Steel.

Cut the EMT to length (Evan recommends no more than 5′ for the legs or the cross member). Drill the holes, and attach the fasteners. Done deal.


EMT is a lightweight, inexpensive, durable tubing that is sold at just about any hardware store. It is easy to work with, but will still take a hit. Or several.

Evan explained that Shoot Steel had one of these set out at Shooter’s Roundup, which is like a carnival for firearms enthusiasts. It takes place every year at the wonderful Ahlman’s Shooting Range in Minnesota. Anyway, one of the gong holders squared off against a .30 caliber M1919 machine gun … and survived.

“There wasn’t an inch of the tubing that hadn’t been shot up,” Evan stated with a smile.

The kit also comes with the gong mounts and stop collars. This allows the chains used to mount the gong to spin freely so you don’t have to walk up and untangle the gong.


The Gong Stand Kit saves you money in two ways. You aren’t paying for the frame itself. That reduces materials, construction time, and eliminates frame finishing.

You are also saving a shiiiiiiiton of money on shipping. The kit only weighs about 5 pounds, which means it can be shipped inexpensively via USPS to all sorts of places.

The Gong Stand Kit costs less than $62 before shipping and is about a third of the price of’s equivalently sized premade gong stand. Yes, the 60″x60″ gong stand is really nicely made, but if you’re a cheap bastard like me the stand kit is the way to go.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, listen to the guy who designed it:

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