SHOT Show 2015: Day 1

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The first offical day of SHOT Show 2015 is in the books! We went to a few appointments, dropped by to see some old friends, and made a bunch of new ones.

Here are the highlights in rough chronological order; we’ll be doing more in-depth articles about many of these vendors after we get home. And sleep.


SHOT Show 2014 MVP Chris Laack was gracious enough to show us the latest products from BLACKHAWK!’s popular Diversion line.

New in 2015, BLACKHAWK! is offering three new bags in durable waxed canvas. The Satchel, the Messenger, and the Rucksack.

Each bag is made out of fabric from Martexin, a US-based company that has been in business since 1838. There is a ton more style to this year’s lineup, and I think people who have an eye for detail will be pleased. The 2015 bags are more expensive than the nylon-only models of prior years, but they are still a good bargain compared to other premium offerings from other manufacturers.


The Satchel, Messenger, and Rucksack have MSRP of $102.45, $235.45, and $255.95 respectively

Also new from BLACKHAWK! is their Rolling Load-Out Bag, which retails for just over $400. This may put it out of the price range for some (many?), but it’s big enough to hold two SBR AR15s, or a full-sized 16″ AR15 placed diagonally.


Stay tuned for a long-form video interview about these items.


We spoke with Nosler about their Noveske line of projectiles. The nerd in me likes the glow in the dark tips, but the real reason to get excited about these is the lower velocity needed for expansion. This is particularly vital for those firing .223 / 5.56 out of AR15s with barrels shorter than 10.2″


We are trying to get our hands on some samples, and hope to provide some ballistics information and impressions about the Noveske projectiles in the near future.


In a strange juxtaposition, I left the IWI booth more excited about the Galil Ace than the UZI Pro Pistol. The Galil Ace has a really great build quality and easy ergonomics.P1040370The Ace pistol has an 8.3″ barrel and weighs about six pounds without a magazine. That’s lighter than my Mini-Draco based vSBR AK47. This is mostly due to the Ace’s partial polymer frame. A loaded 20-round AK mag weighs about 1 pound, 7 ounces, so every little bit helps.

MSRP is $1749.00, which is about $1000 too much unless you’re used to buying Tier 1 AR15s.

If price were no object, I’d own one for sure. I bet it would run like a house on fire, but so will just about any AK47.

I am not sure how official this information is, but I was told by an IWI representative that the Ace will not have a brace option direct from the factory. The brace will be available as an accessory, for approximately $100USD.

P1040380The UZI Pro pistol is really geared for people who love the UZI family. I feel like it’s an updated MAC10, which is probably not what IWI was going for. It’s just a little bit smaller than a standard MAC10, but larger than my “Mini MAC” MPA 930SST.

Like the MasterPiece Arms MAC10 , the UZI Pro has a non-reciprocating charging handle on the side. This allows for optics. I still dislike the grip safety, but do like the location of the magazine release.

The UZI Pro retails for $1109 without a brace, and $1309 with one. There are 20-, 25-, and 32-round magazines available, selling for $17.49, $19.99, and $22.99 respectively. That’s actually more affordable than I was expecting, so kudos to IWI on that one.


Expect to see an interview with John Pollock, Director of Military / LEO programs at Lancer, but in short: he has completely changed my mind about carbon fiber handguards on firearms. Mr. Pollock snatched a handguard from the display and went to town on a nearby chair. The handguard took absolute zero damage, and I am sure it could survive being stored in a backpack.

I was blown away by the durability of the Lancer CF offerings, as well as their affordable price. I am strongly considering putting one of their handguards on my AR15 300 Blackout pistol.



MSRP is between $200 – $300, but we were told a lower price that put the CF handguards on par with quality aluminum competitors. We are going to confirm pricing and availability before our more in-depth review.

Angstadt Arms

The kind folks at Angstadt Arms and their sharp looking 9mm AR15 were our pleasant surprise of the day.

Angstadt Arms offers a complete 5″ barreled 9mm AR15 that accepts Glock magazines. They offer a factory SBR option, as well as a pistol option for those wanting to use a brace or apply for their own Form 1. All of the internals are compatible with regular AR15 parts except for the magazine catch, bolt hold open, and ejector.


The weapon comes ready to go out of the box with an Odin Works Keymod handguard, A2 flash hider, BCG, charging handle, and a pistol buffer tube for $1299. Expect the firearm to weigh less than five pounds unloaded, depending on accessories.

If you wish, you could also shoot .40 S&W or .357 Sig out of this platform with a barrel and bolt swap.


Estimated availability is spring / early summer of 2015. The company had a really cool tungsten finish on one that looked great. They have plans on doing limited edition color sets.

This weapon looks really, really nice, and we look forward to bringing you a longer video interview later next week.

5.11 Tactical

Many of you love the 5.11 Tactical Select Carry and COVRT M4 Shorty packs, and we were excited to see the COVRT Boxpack, 5.11’s latest covert carry bag.

It’s a roll-top bag, and is much more discreet than their prior offerings, which were pretty low profile to begin with.


The 5.11 booth was very busy (as you could imagine), and it was tough for us to get product pictures on Day 1. It’s hard to tell, but the Boxpack is big enough to store a large PDW, and should fit my .300 Blackout AR15 pistol (folded length: 16.25″).

The Boxpack rolltop bag has an MSRP of $110 and is available right now on 5.11’s Web site in three different colors. I think it’s a very good deal for a purpose-built bag, and I will have a longer write-up in the near future.

DPM Systems Technologies

We are going home from SHOT Show with a fistful of interesting products from DPM Systems.

RT8A7536Pictured above is a unique multi-stage, multi-spring buffer for AR15 weapons. The buffer comes with three different weights, and can be adjusted in about 30 seconds without the use of tools. This takes a lot of the fine-tuning out of AR15s, and I think it will be particularly useful for .300 Blackout builds that walk a line between being under- and over-gassed.

We are also going to evaluate a recoil reduction system for Glock pistols, as well as a really cool glass breaking floorplate for Glock magazines.

Drake Associates

Long-range shooting platforms is not my usual thing, but we found the ultra-portable rifle platform from Drake Associates interesting.

The rifles are built up from existing, familiar platforms and made more compact without sacrificing accuracy. The model I handled at the Drake booth today had a 12″ barrel and a Hera Arms folding stock assembly. With a muzzle attachment, the rifle measured just over 26″ folded.


Coupled with a discreet carry bag, I could see this being popular with law enforcement or those who are interested in longer-range shooting. We’ll have more information in an upcoming post.


The first day of SHOT Show 2015 is in the books. We were glad to reconnect with our friends from last year, and are excited about the new friends we’ve already made.

We also bumped into Instructor Zero and his entourage in the Press Room, and he was gracious with his time despite recovering from an injured shoulder. It was also good to see our pal Chris Cheng, and also spy Tim from Military Arms Channel a few times on the main show floor.




About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

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  1. David says:

    Any word on whether IWI is going to present factory stocks for the SBR crowd?

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Almost every vendor was shy to talk about braces and stocks for their pistols after the ATF’s bomb on Friday. Neither the brace nor a stock was listing in the IWI dealer price list I have.

      • David says:

        Got it. Wouldn’t be all that hard to make one after-market, but it’d be nice to have something official.

        Thanks for the excellent coverage of SHOT – looking forward to seeing what you uncover today!

  2. Kyliewyotie says:

    Thanks for an excellent overview of what you found. The drake item peaked my curiosity, looking forward to seeing that more, as well as the new 5.11 bag.

    Have you seen any low vis/ no vis ifak kits? I use a streamlined one that goes on my belt, its concealable, but barely. I have to wear larger than desired shirts. I ordered one that wraps on your ankle, but I am having a bad time with the company, and looks like I will need to get my credit card company involved. Shame I really wanted the product.

    I asked my family/friends shot to be on the look out. If you happen to stumble across something like that, let me know?

    Again thanks for the info, seems we are interested by similar items. So following your grabs works well.

  3. JC says:

    What is the threading on the Angstadt barrels, normal 1/2×28?

  4. Bond says:

    Just wanted to pipe in and let the viewers know that the Shepherd and She-Shepherd have been working their butts off at the Shot Show. As a guy following them with a camera (video crew) for the last two days, I can tell you, they are super committed to their readers and are doing everything they can to get good coverage for the community. So glad to be part of the team this year. Thanks for all your support.

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