SIG SBX Brace confirmed to fit on all MILSPEC buffer tubes

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There’s been some rumor swirling about that the soon-to-be-released SIG SBX brace would only fit on their MPX pistol.

SIG Sauer replied definitively that it would via their Facebook page last week:

The SBX will fit any milspec buffer tube. Both the SBX and the SB15 come as a kit with the tube or as the brace only.

I don’t own any SIG firearms or products aside from their SB15 brace, so I failed to notice this little tidbit.

This might be old info¬†for you, but for the rest of us it’s good news.

Sig Folding Brace 2


I have been trying to contact SIG to get more information about specific release dates and MSRP but I’m a little guy. We didn’t get shit from them at SHOT Show 2014 either when I was asking about their MCX — once they found out I was media and not a buyer they parked me at their “media relations counter” for 20 minutes and we never saw them again.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the SBX brace and if SIG will ship a folding buffer tube unit or if that will be unique to their MPX and MCX firearms.

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