Summer 2016 Workout Update

| July 27, 2016 | 7 Comments

My summer update on what I’m doing to improve my strength, cardio, flexibility, and mobility.

The Cycle

  • Elements 6-7 days a week
  • Men’s Health 4 Kettlebell routine 5-6 days a week

GMB.IO Essentials

About three and a half weeks ago, I started a body weight / movement program called “Elements” by GMB. The majority of GMB’s workouts include movements that seem superhuman: holding the body in weird positions, feats of strength and stability. Elements is a preparatory program for their more advanced stuff. It concentrates on three “animal movements,” and a bunch of mobility work.

The Elements program is not really a workout in the traditional sense. Sometimes a movement is challenging for my hips, legs, or arms, but I don’t feel tired most times. I wish that the sessions were longer. On the other hand, it’s done a lot for my flexibility and especially my hip mobility.

Expect a more in-depth review of this program once I’m done in another three and a half weeks.


I continue to do the “Men’s Health 4” kettlebell workout in addition to the Elements program. I do two to four rounds of the MH4 depending on how intense the Elements program was that day.

I have finally stepped up to using a 70 pound kettlebell for my squats and swings. It’s a minor milestone to most, but I remember thinking how heavy the 50# bell was when I bought it. Progress, no matter how small, is good.

I’ve also purchased another 50# bell for deadlifts. Double 50s will replace the double 35s I’m using now. None of those weights are particularly impressive for deadlifting, but given the pace and range of motion of the routines I do it’s plenty heavy for me.

What’s Next

First objective: finish the 7-week Elements program and decide if I want to do GMB’s next program or move on to something else.

Second objective: sign up at a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy. My finances are a mess right now — I haven’t had a renter back home for three months and paying two house payments sucks. Once that gets sorted, I’ll be joining the Gracie Combatives BJJ gym that’s near me.

How’s your workout going?

About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

7 Comments on "Summer 2016 Workout Update"

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  1. Jon says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying out GMBs programs and I look forward to your review.

    As for my workouts, I’ve got excuses and explanations as long as my arm but I’m going to get back at it tonight.

  2. Martin says:

    Sounds like you got a sound plan. Way to go on the 70#. Doesn’t sound like much but to those of us who do kettlebell training it is a significant improvement. Ever try doing the turkish get ups?

    • Jon says:

      Turkish getups are such a cool exercise. I love doing them. I think I topped out at about 55 or 60 pounds last time I tried.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Yep! I love get ups. I think the full get up and the half-get up are especially relevant for “fight fitness.” I always think of pushing someone off of me and then getting to my feet.

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