Tailgunner 2 on 1 Scenario Force on Force 21 January 2017

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Last month we had the opportunity to do some force on force scenario based training with QSI Training.

One of my scenarios seemed simple: go to the convenience store and buy a soda.

Of course, they are never as simple as they seem.

I wound up being involved in a strong arm robbery. The armed robber exhibited some behavior that indicated this was not a peaceful cash grab: herding the employees and patrons, threatening language, positional control, and demanding that we face the wall.

I took a moment to see what everyone else was doing before I feigned compliance. As I’ve written about before, we need to be aware of “tailgunners,” who are the bad guy’s backup. Tailgunners are on the lookout for law enforcement officers, civilian defenders, and unruly victims. They behave differently than real victims, as I mentioned in my article and video.

Tailgunners are highly effective at stopping defenders, because the defender often fixates on the primary threat and is ambushed.

So, the good news was that I found the tailgunner before they shot me. Yay!

The bad news is that I ran into a number of problems:

  • a victim I had a problem controlling
  • a malfunctioning pistol
  • a pile of people that blocked half of my movement options
  • a sneaky bad guy who disrupted my OODA loop

Here’s the footage, with some analysis on what I did well, and what I could do better next time.

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