That’s what She said: Eye Protection Hack

| July 11, 2014 | 1 Comments

If you wear over-ear protection, you might be familiar with having them push the arms of your eye pro into the sides of your head. I think this is unpleasant. When I found myself having a difficult time concentrating in class after several hours, I decided to make my goggles more comfortable.

You will need:

  • jewelers screwdriver
  • 2.5 mm elastic cording
  • lighter
  • tweezers

Remove the arms of your glasses:





Measure the cord.  Leave extra length for adjusting.  Hold cut end briefly over lighter  flame.


After the cut end has melted slightly, quickly twist the end between your fingertips to form a slight point.


Thread into the empty screw hole (PHRASING!) Use your tweezers to pull the end through.






Much better.


Keep in mind that if you tighten the elastic too much the glasses fog.

I hope this helps you be more comfortable during your classes. The last thing new shooters  need is one more thing to distract them from keeping the front sight on the target.

About the Author:

The She-Shepherd The She-Shepherd is a defensive firearms student, mother and advocate for pushing the boundaries of how we train. She believes that defensive training must balance context, mindset, and skill to be most effective. Her specialty has become testing alternative modes of firearms carry and best practices of less than lethal force options through rigorous force-on-force scenario based training.
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1 Comment on "That’s what She said: Eye Protection Hack"

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  1. Sticky says:

    Hmm… great idea! I do have issue, more with my ‘cheek’ side, than the left, but it sure is aggravating after a few hours of wearing eyes and ears. Sounds like I need to try this trick out, thanks!

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