That’s What She Said: The Freshette Saves the Day

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I saw a video of a competition shooter using the Freshette in early April of this year. She liked it because it was an easy way to keep her gear stable while using the porta-potty at events.

I was curious enough to check it out. The Freshette website says:

The world-renowned Freshette, the original urinary director for women of all ages,
is a must for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and those with disabilities. The palm-sized
trough and extension tube are discreet and easy to use. Protect yourself from unsanitary
restrooms, wind, rain, cold, snow, insects, thorns, poison oak or ivy. Avoid the hassle of
wheelchair transfer in restrooms, wobbly positions when boating, or difficulty providing
lab samples. Nothing to wear, empty, or replace. The Freshette is environmentally
sound, feather light, reusable, and comes complete with its own custom travel pouch.

Seemed neat, but did I really need something like this?

THEN I read this:

If you are an active outdoor woman you know what a hassle it can be trying to
urinate when restrooms are unsanitary or unavailable. The alternative of having to
get halfway undressed can result in exposure to the elements and embarrassment.
This is where the Sports & Travel Freshette plays a vital role, allowing you to
urinate while standing, requiring minimal or no undressing.

Yes I did. You see, every season my primary outdoor range facilities look like this:

I don’t need a palace, but I also don’t have enough hands to manage my gear, my clothing, the wasps, holding the door closed, AND the business intended to be dealt with in the first place.

If the Freshette could help, I was willing to give it a try.

Using the Freshette

The device is a trough/funnel fitted with 5 inches of curved retractable tubing. The tube has a gasket in one end. This allows the tube to lock into place to avoid drips. The Freshette compact and easy to take with you.

(that’s water)

The included instructions are simple:

I was advised to practice in the shower. There is a learning curve to effective placement, and the shower is a low jeopardy environment. Once I found the best way to position the trough, the hardest part was relaxing enough to use it.

I’ve brought the Freshette to the range with me all summer. I’ve never had a problem using it. While on site I swish plain water and give the device a good shake before I put it back inside its heavy ziploc bag. Once I’m home I sanitize the tube, trough, and bag in a bleach solution for 60 minutes then I let it all completely air dry.

The most interesting thing about trying the Freshette has been other people’s reactions. I was surprised when another girl was grossed out by the range bathroom, but equally grossed out by my suggestion of trying a Freshette of her own.

I was even more surprised at the interest and spirit of camaraderie my male training partners displayed. They were thrilled when some ants got “caught in the crossfire”… dudes do this kind of thing all the time … I guess?

For me, the Freshette solves several problems that make my particular outdoor range unpleasant. But to be honest, even if the facilities provided were sanitary, I’d still rather have this view.




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