That’s What She Said: UnderTech Compression Holster Fix Follow-up

| February 12, 2016 | 3 Comments

Remember this?

And this?

I tested the modified shorts through last week’s 8 hour Low-Light Force-On-Force class.

IMG_20160206_203328-01 IMG_20160206_203347-01

Here’s how they conceal under clothing, keep in mind that I would normally carry an M&P Shield in these shorts, but because we use Airsoft in FOF classes I am concealing a Glock 19.

IMG_20160206_202928-01 IMG_20160206_203022-01

*note to self, when taking creepy bathroom pics clear the floor of debris, for crying out loud…

IMG_20160206_202840-01~2-01 IMG_20160206_202856-01

Stuff I learned:

  • The velcro panel never moved during multiple draws, reholstering and lots of movement.
  • The interior panel had sharp corners, I recommend rounding them with a scissors.
  • The velcro was soft but unyielding, I could not pull the trigger even though I tried several different ways.
  • Soft sided reholstering is not ideal, I will not train in these shorts in a live fire class.
  • The draw itself was smooth and easy, I never felt anything catch on the elastic material.
  • Concealment of larger framed pistols is improved by turning the shorts inside out, the added support of the waistband holds the grip closer to the body. Single stack compacts are still the better choice to carry in these shorts, overall. I’ll use the other pocket for extra mags.
  • The legs of the shorts kept rolling up. When that happened, it was very uncomfortable, and made a weird lump all around my leg that was visible through my pants, like a really aggressive pantyline. I honestly don’t know what to do about that. I’m thinking either some silicone on the bottom hem or shortening the legs.
  • When going to the bathroom, your gun will fall out of the pocket if you don’t pay attention to keeping it upright. (Ask me how I know…). If you’re nervous about this you could add a retention strap, or buy the style that includes one.

    Everyone should read “When Duty Calls” by QSI Training instructor Erik Pakieser.  — Shepherd

All in all the modified UnderTech Concealment shorts are my favorite way to carry under very casual clothing like yoga pants. Throughout the class they never shifted or sagged and I like how customizable they are for different carry placement and body types.

I’ve been trying to connect with Can Can about getting a belly band for testing and evaluation. Since soft-sided holsters are not appropriate for live fire training, I am hoping to get one in time for the last Force-on-Force class this spring.  If you have questions or suggestions for more alternative holsters you’d like to see tested, please let me know. I think it’s important that these pieces get tested in the types of situations they are most likely to be used in, and since there doesn’t seem to be much content of that sort out there… let’s make some ourselves.

About the Author:

The She-Shepherd The She-Shepherd is a defensive firearms student, mother and advocate for pushing the boundaries of how we train. She believes that defensive training must balance context, mindset, and skill to be most effective. Her specialty has become testing alternative modes of firearms carry and best practices of less than lethal force options through rigorous force-on-force scenario based training.

3 Comments on "That’s What She Said: UnderTech Compression Holster Fix Follow-up"

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  1. kyliewyotie says:

    I have been trying to find a method for carry to use when running.
    I wear very thin clothing when running, since it is very hot all year where I live.
    The combo of light clothing, and the constant bouncing from the running has made it harder than I thought.

    I am thinking of a belly band next, look forward to review of one, if you go that route.

    Also the idea of turning the shorts inside out, is very clever. I can imagine the elastic band help pull everything in for a lower profile.

    Continued thanks to you and the HeShep for useful articles.

  2. Randy Heasley says:

    I run with a Pistol Wear PT-2 carrying an M&P 9c in the middle of the back. It works well and doesn’t bounce too much. I’m thinking about trying the Brave Response Holster though as it has better retention.

  3. Martin Luther says:

    Heres an article about kydex inserts for belly bands that may work for your shorts to allow reholstering:

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