Tips on How to Wear the Q-Series Stealth Glock Holster

| August 7, 2015 | 2 Comments

Carrying appendix is the motorcycle riding of concealed carry. It’s fast, puts you in the minority, and prompts some people to lecture you about safety.

Wearing a minimalist holster like the Q-Series Stealth holster (Gen 1 review here, Gen 2 review here) puts you even further out on the fringe.

Most trigger guard holsters are a pain in the ass when it comes to reholstering. You’re supposed to remove the holster from your pants, reattach the pistol and the holster, and then put the whole deal back in your pants.

One of the reasons I like the Stealth so much is that you can keep it secured on your belt, and draw and reholster as much as necessary. I’ve been wearing it for just about 9 months, and have done a bunch of training with it.

However, I’ve learned some things along the way that might be helpful for people just starting out with the Stealth or those curious about how I operate the holster.

A few things not mentioned in the video:

  • Keep your finger off the trigger. This is important with every holster, but VERY important with trigger guard style holsters.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to reholster — especially when you are new to the Stealth or anything like it. I can now reholster very quickly with one hand without looking, but there are very few cases where this is important. If you watch my vehicle bailout drill from this year I very quickly reholstered my pistol while retrieving my EDC bag from the car, so you can do this quickly, but that doesn’t mean that you always should. Take your time.
  • I keep my thumb on the back of the slide to make sure the pistol doesn’t go out of battery during reholstering. The chance of this happening with the Stealth is probably 0, but it’s a technique that I’ve been taught over the last two years and it doesn’t hurt. I also think the thumb helps me guide the pistol in a smooth and consistent manner.
  • If something feels wrong, stop what you’re doing. Remove the pistol — don’t force it — and check for obstructions with your weak hand. I saw someone force a gun into their holster at last week’s basic handgun class, and it made my stomach do a barrel roll. Reholstering should be smooth and easy. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

About the Author:

Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd is a regular guy and works to make Web sites and mobile apps easier for people to use. He spends his free time attending fight-focused firearm, knife, and combatives training, motorcycling, writing, and playing games. His daily carry is a Glock 19 pistol and an AR15 .300 Blackout pistol in a backpack.

2 Comments on "Tips on How to Wear the Q-Series Stealth Glock Holster"

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  1. BoyScout says:

    While I have not tried this specific system I did try one from Cook Holsters and found it wrong for a left hander. When I insert my Glock into the holster from the left hand side the clip presses the mag release.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      This is also a problem with the Stealth although there is supposedly a different clip being developed to fix this. Thank you for pointing this out, I neglected to mention it.

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