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This post is courtesy of CR Williams, firearms instructor, author, and continuing guest SBS author — Shepherd

One of my working principles is that configurations are not set in stone. I’m always willing to change something on a weapon as long as I believe that change will bring some benefit, an increase of efficiency, effectiveness, or ease of use being the usual drivers for me where weapon alterations are concerned.

ASP update 7

I also pay attention to the political and legal winds that blow so constantly around us which is why I made the first of two configuration alterations to the Aero Survival Pistol aka Urban Truck Gun I previously reported on here. After a couple of manufacturers pretty much poked ATF with a stick about use of the Sig Arm Brace on their prospective designs (one even went so far as to all but flatly state that he was putting the brace on to get around NFA requirements on his design) I decided that it was safest for the present to remove the brace from both the ASP and the AK pistol I had it on. (I simply don’t have the inclination and certainly not the money it would take to become a test case for the ‘redesign’ concept.)

What went on the ASP at first was a Thordsen Customs Enhanced Buffer Tube Cover topped by a CAA Cheek Riser. (I had the Thordsen covers on the AR-P and AK-P as well.) This served to get me a consistent index for use of the dot-sight and it worked well for that purpose. I also continued searching for a better way to couple the Glock 18 magazines I prefer to use in the ASP and eventually found that MP5 magazine couplers will work just fine, especially if you put a layer or two of tape around the mags. Now, even if I can’t get the ammo bag out with me I have at least 60-65 rounds at hand with the gun.

Then came that fine day when I had to mortar the AR-P (some call this a pogo) to get the bolt back to clear a bad jam, breaking the back of the Thordsen cover. To replace that I elected to try out the KAK arm brace (chosen because I believe it will facilitate the bayonet-thrust weapon-transfer technique) and soon one was in my house and mounted. This left me with a unused CAA Side Saddle which after some thought I swapped out for the cheek riser on the ASP to provide the configuration you see in the photo(s).

ASP update 5

The Side Saddle does two things for me—provides a consistent index for use of the red-dot like the riser did while also adding storage for batteries or other small items on the gun. It also adds a degree of consistency between guns as far as the index goes. I don’t have to think overmuch about changing the point of contact between any of the big pistols I’ve got now between the KAK brace on the AR-P and the Thordsen/Side-Saddle combos on the other two.

ASP update 2

I am also all but constantly looking for better carry bags for pretty much every gun I’ve got, rifles included, and after reading the Shepherd’s review of the Adidas Rydell sling bag and checking the specs to make sure the compartment was long enough I purchased one with the intention of using it to carry the ASP and some extra magazines in. That experiment may not work out, however. The Rydell’s main compartment is just enough to allow me to zip it shut over the ASP but it’s a tight fit. It stretches the top a bit and that, combined with the coupled G18 magazines that form the initial load, make it a little less than fast and easy to get out of the bag. (By fast I mean as fast as such bags allow removal. I don’t at all expect to be able to draw this like I do a pistol.) For now, I think the sling bag will be used for something else though I may revisit this option if MagPul comes out with 22rd 9mm magazines as some say they’re planning to do. (Unless you’re using something like Arredondo extension on G17 mags it’s hard to fit a coupled pair into the magwell of the ASP. I’ll check that option if MagPul doesn’t come out with their ‘glad sticks’ in the next few months.)

ASP update 9

As far as function, both the ASP and the Lucid M7 red dot continue to work and work well. I have no issues with reliability and have every expectation that if I ever do have to shoot for life with the weapon that I will not be disappointed as long as I do what I need to do at the time. I can continue to recommend it and TNW Firearms the manufacturer with confidence (enough confidence that I’m now deciding between another ASP, a Masterpiece Arms MPA 930DMG or a 4th Gen Glock 35 plus 9mm and .357Sig barrels and internals for my next purchase around the end of the year). I have been pleased with this weapon and I believe that you will find it a useful addition to your collection as well.

You be safe out there. And if you can’t be safe….be dangerous.

CR Williams is an author of multiple books, including the recently-released novel Live Fire, available on I reviewed his Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence (Vol. 01) book and believe it’s a great resource for people new to fight-focused training who also have a mentor nearby.


About the Author:

CR Williams is the author of (so far) four non-fiction books: Three volumes of the ongoing "Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence" series and "Facing the Active Shooter: Guidelines for the Armed Citizen Defender". He has also made entries into the fiction arena with recent releases of "Live Fire" and the first volume of the "An Even Break" series. He currently runs classes from either his home-base area in Central/South-Central Alabama or wherever anyone wants to host him for a class. An active and ongoing student of the fight in all its aspects, he continues to work toward his goal of making you the very best defender of life and loved ones that you can be.
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3 Comments on "TNW Firearms ASP Update"

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  1. David says:

    My ASP has a form 1 submitted. I plan on changing out the pistol tube and adding magpul stock, grips. I need a sling bag to fit it once it is done.

    • Short Barrel Shepherd Short Barrel Shepherd says:

      Awesome — once you get your Form 1 back let us know what the rifle’s overall length and maybe we can suggest some bags for you to try. I’m worried it’ll be too long for the Rydell, which I really like.

  2. Psydle says:

    I’ve heard that the buffer tube and spring that TNW uses in the ASP is non standard and won’t fit w Thordsen covers. Did you get I to work or change out the whole buffer system? I’m looking to pick one of these up soon but I certainly want a riser to work on it and I’d rather not mess w the factory intent for the buffer spring setup.

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