Whitehouse.gov Petition to Repeal the Hughes Amendment

| February 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Last month a petition to repeal the National Firearms Act was put up on the whitehouse.gov Web site. When a petition gets 100,000 or more “signatures,” the administration customarily responds to the petition.

The NFA petition is over 100,000 right now.

There is a second petition to repeal the Hughes Amendment. The Hughes Amendment was passed in 1986 and is commonly thought of as the “machine gun ban.” After the passage of the Hughes Amendment, a fixed number of automatic weapons were registered and are legal to transfer. It is still possible to manufacture automatic weapons as dealer samples or for sale to the government, but the Hughes Amendment effectively ended the chance for the common American to own one.

One of our YouTube followers suggested that we bring attention to this petition. I signed it, and I encourage you to do so.

I am not convinced that either the NFA or Hughes petition will result in anything, but it’s important to “test” the current administration and Congress to see if they are as willing to support gun rights as they claimed. I am skeptical on all fronts, but until we question their resolve and dedication we will never know.

Sign the petition to appeal the Hughes Amendment

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