Zulu Bravo Victorinox Fruit Knife Trainer First Impressions Review

| August 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

Last week I briefly outlined the specific purpose of the fruit / paring knife as an improvised edged weapon.

This video is about the training knife made by Zulu Bravo Kydex, as well as the Kydex sheath for the live blade.

In preparation for this review, I purchased the following from Zulu Bravo:

  • Live Victorinox “bird’s beak” blade and Kydex sheath for the live bladeĀ ($30 for blade + sheath)
  • Practice trainer ($20)
  • Kydex sheath for the trainer ($20)

ZB was kind enough to sharpen the knife for me. While this knife can be made to be quite sharp, it is not that way from the factory.

Here’s my video review:


I think the training blade and sheath are a great value. I think the price is appropriate, given the time it takes to make these and the skill / thoughtfulness behind it. Yes, the materials are inexpensive, but doing this yourself would be pretty $$$ after you factor in tools, time, and skill acquisition.

The live blade’s sheath is also well made, and I recommend it. It was custom-fitted to the live blade I bought, and does not wiggle or rattle. The blade I bought from Amazon also fits, but with a slight wiggle (this is expected, and acceptable).

Highly recommended.

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